04 October 2010

still working on it
lots going on around here, fall is busy! Will mail out blog invites in the coming week. Just make sure I have your email address or I can't add you to the list.

09 September 2010

going private....finally!
the time has come, the big one is off to school and it's a good time to take this baby private.
If you'd like to follow along, leave a comment or email me.
oops, forgot to mention, I need email addresses, so leave a comment with your email and I wont post that info

07 September 2010

first s'mores experiencehard to believe but yes it's true, the Snowflowers have never had a s'more until this weekend. Their Daddy picked up a little fire pit and we roasted marshmallows a plenty. Piper ate THREE whole s'mores and was a hot mess from all the sugar and chocolate - but who are we to deny her one of summers rites of passage? Paisley prefers her ingredients 'au natural', I see a possible raw food revolutionary in our midst.

05 September 2010

nothing says Sunday like a trip to the ER!

this morning we were woken by big sister running into the room to tell us that little sister had inserted a bead up her nose and couldn't get it out. I dont think Mike and I have EVER got out of bed so fast! After inspection and confirmation of said alien object lodged in nasal passage, we jumped in the car and headed for the ER. It took 4 different methods but the Doctor was finally able to dislodge the 'bead', which turned out to be a freshly shucked navy bean from one of Pipers plants. Paisley wasn't too put out by any of it, she was a little embarassed but didn't cry or squirm in hospital, she just grimaced a little and was back to normal as soon as the eeewy gooey beastie was thrown away.

aaaah, kids.

04 September 2010


Do you really want to give your kids apple juice that was made in China? Well, this brand, which is probably the most recognizable American juice is actually a product of China. My kids drink very little juice, but when they do it's organic pressed or fresh pressed from a local orchard. If we cannot source a local supply of juice, the girls dont drink it...simple as that. Anyway, juice is a treat, water is always the first and best option, but I just find it sad that all over this country kids are drinking Chinese made apple juice and quite frankly that doesn't bode well with my 'local and sustainable' mantra.(not to mention my concern with food safety) It's just been surprising me lately how little parents seem to actually know about where the food and drink their kids put into their bodies comes from?

FIVE YEARS AGO TODAYwe got the call from CCAI that changed our lives forever!

I cannot believe it's been five years already!

30 August 2010

redemption for the corn dog postForgive me Jamie for I have sinned...recently (about 18 minutes ago) I found a corndog maker on Amazon.com and I am coveting it. and then I saw your new book 'Jamie at Home' and I am torn...I love your show on the cooking channel, and I really want this book(I already have many of your others - hey a girl can try to make a good impression here)...but the corndog maker...it calls me, it tempts me...it wants me.
"Say 12 Hail Jamies and all will be forgiven"
I like the way you work Mr Oliver.
2 hours later it hit me that I really don't need or want the corn dog maker, it was just a knee jerk reaction to the MSF corn dog discontinuation. I'm really more than capable of making some delicious school lunch treats without something that will clog my already meagre cupboard space.