22 November 2006

The meaning of Thanksgiving in our home

Mike, Piper and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Please take a moment to watch this lovely song by Steven Curtis Chapman, it sums up how we feel as a family and how thankful we are that we are together. It also reminds us of how many other children there are in the world that need families to love. We are forever grateful that we started our family through the gift of adoption, we cant imagine our lives without Piper. We love you princess.

20 November 2006

I am training to be a double decker bus driver! At first I thought I wanted to be a school bus driver..but nah, they only have one level...this double decker thing is the 'bus'ness'(said with cockney accent)

Watch out I'll be hitting the streets of olde London Towne before you know it!

My 100 wishes quilt!

It has been quite an excercise of patience for Mummy, it has taken over a year, been to three different quilters and it's finally finished. I love it. Mummy is amazed at how much I love all the fabrics and point out all the different things on the quilt. I have proudly declared this "MY QUILT!" Next year I will be getting a big girls bed and I will have my quilt on my bed...just for me!

Did I mention that it has fluffy pink 'minky' on the back...so very snuggly for story time!

Nana & Papa came to town this weekend...I love love love them! We got to go to the Mall of America, the largest Mall in the lower 48 States! It's HUGE and has an amusement park for little kids like me! I went on the merry go round with Papa and Daddy. I loved the Dragon, and the Zebra...it went around very fast, thats why I'm blurry! I think I would like a Dragon for Christmas...they are very friendly if you know which way to pat them. My Dragon was called George. The Zebra was quite nice too, but I think a Dragon would make a better pet! I wonder if Santa could fit one down our chimney?

Yay for Nana & Papa! I want them to move to Minnesota! Mummy & Daddy said that would be fine! We had such a good time this past weekend! We got to have Nana & Daddy's birthday party at the Cheesecake factory. It was yummy, but waiting 1 and a half hours was not fun! I love cheesecake! Daddy and Mummy said I am very spoilt but I'm not sure I know what they are talking about! I think I am just perfect! Nana & Papa think so too.

Dont leave Nana...or can I come with you?? I am very upset that you have to go. All I have now is boring old Mummy and Daddy...and Olive. I never get to ride on Daddys suitcase. Grandparents rock!

05 November 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On November 6, 1974 a wee lad was born on the North banks of the muddy Ohio river. That little baby grew into the strapping brute we all know today. So much has changed...um, except the haircut! Funny how Mike pays to have his 3 day old coif recreated!

I missed my Daddy even more by the time dinner rolled around, and especially at bathtime (Daddy always gives me my bath!)...

here's a photo of happy times with Daddy.

Today I am sad.

Daddy left for the airport this morning and he wont be back until Friday!

It's Daddy's birthday tomorrow and I can't even give him a hug. I keep asking Mummy "where Daddy go? Daddy come back?"

Sales meetings suck.

04 November 2006

Okay, so Mike and I went shopping today. We wanted to check out the different play kitchens for Piper for Christmas. First we went to Pottery Barn Kids...wow. It was p-r-i-c-e-y! Piper had a blast playing with all the fun toys and especially the kitchen and vacuum cleaner. We liked the play kitchen a lot but really balked at the expense of it. So we decided to check out Toys 'r' us...uh, not a good idea. Everything was plastic, and we all know how much I really dont like plastic.

Onward...to Costco of all places, we went for supplies and left with a perfectly brilliant substitute for the PBK kitchen. 1/8 th of the cost and made just as well. Now we can rest assured that we wont have to get a 3rd mortgage to pay for Christmas presents!

There may even be money left for a chefs apron, vacuum cleaner and pots and pans!

oh happy day!

03 November 2006

Cauldron brew and cauldron bubble...
Halloween is spooky....
and scarey...
and full of surprises...
knock on the door and see what fate awaits you!

Can you guess what I am....


I wasnt too sure at first. Getting my costume on was a bit of a fight, and losing my feathers all over the living room was a bit confusing... Mummy said that chickens say "buk buk buk", but I kept saying "uh oh uh oh"...maybe I am the Woody Allen of chickens.

I went trick or treating in my wagon, with Daddy at the helm, Mummy stayed home so she could hand out candy to all the kids!

Pippi Longstockings x 2!

Our neighbors twin girls dressed up like the Swedish Pippi...too cute. Their big sister was a rapper. Their Mom did a great job with the costumes. I loved the pigtails! Well done Avery, Brice and Dillon!

31 October 2006


Wow, it was chilly outside! About 30F which is below freezing..Daddy freaked out when he saw my red hands but I did not want to go home! I kept saying "more happy Hallo-een" I did get to same some of my booty...a tootsie pop! PURPLE no less! This Halloween thing is TERRIFIC...I am all candied up and ready for action!

After such a busy night, I had a bath and settled down to read a few of the catalogs that arrived in the mail. Mummy thought it was cute because I told Daddy "sit, I read this"

Daddy said he found a good kitchen I might like in one of the catalogs...It's not pink. I'm not impressed.

I will be selling my candy on eBay to raise funds for the pottery barn version. I'm really not spoilt, I'm just discerning.

I will be writing my Dear Santa letter this week...

30 October 2006

Tomorrow it is Halloween. This is very important for two reasons;

1. I am a WIT, yes, naturally funny, but W.I.T. stands for Witch in Training, I take this very seriously. I understand lessons are needed to get me broom worthy.

2. Halloween is 'Piper Day', a year ago tomorrow I met Mummy & Daddy for the first time. Now thats a great reason for candy right there!

Now I know this is my first time on a broom, but I'm pretty sure it doesnt work this way. I should have been a tree for Halloween.

wait, um, maybe if I, uh...what if it goes...hmmm

the instructions were in Chinese....oh bother!

Whoa whoa whoa....how do I get this thing out of reverse? Don't ask me to parallel park this wicked piece of oak either. I'm still on a restricted learners permit!

Finally, I think I've got it! This broom riding is quite a skill! I dont know how my Auntie Tracey does it!

I figure if my spells dont work,(and they don't I tried to turn Mummy into a chocolate tonight)...I will charm all the village folk with my smile.

29 October 2006

This weekend we had fun, we met up with Kam & Naimisha and went to the French Meadow Bakery for Sunday brunch, we also saw Matt & Rachel for dinner at our house on Saturday...busy busy busy! We ordered a new back door at Home Depot (the old one is leaky and rotten and the hinges freeze over in the winter). We didnt do much else, but we did get to eat ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery...yummy yummy...thanks Mr Kam! Daddy and I shared super duper chocolate mint ice cream with marshmallows and chocolate shavings in a big waffle cone! Mummy had white chocolate ice cream with rasberries.

28 October 2006

On Tuesday I got bitten at school, I thought he was coming in for a kiss...but apparently my cheeks felt so good he hunkered down into a full bite. OUCH.

I had to go to the Doctors and get antibiotics, apparently human bites are pretty disgusting.

My tummy hurts from the medicine but I must persevere. I am very very brave.

Mummy says that I DESERVE a kitchen for Christmas.

15 October 2006

Did anyone ever see that 'Friends' episode where Chandler had to have photographs taken? I know that I'm referencing 'Friends' a lot these days, but the humor is ageless. Anyway, we discovered Piper has the very same affliction that poor Chandler suffered when it came to having photos taken...the smile that went awry! No matter what we do, the smile comes out when the camera comes out...sadly it comes at a time when we have to send some more photos to China to show them that we are taking good care of her. This is called post placement. China requires two of these visits and a report along with photos. I'm not sure if we'll send them this one though!

or this one, or this one either....what a ham.

13 October 2006

Has anyone seen that show, the worlds ugliest bathroom...well we have a contender! This is our main level guest bath, or should I say...was. It was a floral nightmare, from ugly vinyl, to the warped baseboards, the magnificent non-flushing toilet(yep they sell $30 toilets and we happened to have threee of them in our house!), the gorgeous wallpaper, fake brass finished fixtures and a leaky faucet...a homeowners dream! Seriously embarassing when guests came to visit.
But the plot thickens...about 4 months or so ago, Mummy had a brainstorm, ripped off all the paper, pulled up the flooring and told Daddy she needed a new bathroom. First the tile man came and laid tile, then the carpenter put new baseboards on, then Mummy cleaned and patched the walls and Daddy painted them. Today our plumber is here installing a new loo, and a new sink! Mummy is ever so happy. I cant wait to show you! Until then, keep this picture in mind and dont let it give you nightmares!

Can anyone say COLD! I mean freezing cold, all the leaves blew off the trees, it snowed last night cold? I am COLD! I dont have any mittens because they are all sold out at Target and my old ones dont fit anymore. Mummy is going to make me some makeshift ones out of fleece and order some proper ones online. I'm not keen on snow or cold. I remember winter last year....I was not impressed. This was me last year...I hated my snow suit.

Here it is...my dream kitchen...Mummy says they have to fix her kitchen before I get one. Our kitchen at home is in a bit of a state, we need to do some repairs so that it meets code. Apparently the people who owned this house before us did a few silly things that made the kitchen look weird. I don't notice but it drives Mummy crazy. I told her if she gets me this for my birthday/Christmas I will let her use it.
Daddy doesnt think its a very good idea.

09 October 2006

It is quite sad when a toy kitchen is almost as expensive as a real one. The other day Mummy, Daddy & I went into a popular kids store, I wont say which one, but for those of you who ever watched 'Friends', Phoebe hates this store and all it stands for. Mummy & Daddy don't mind it so much, a few bits and pieces here and there are nice. HOWEVER...when I saw this kitchen I wanted it and I wanted it NOW! Mummy isnt so sure, it carries a hefty price tag. Maybe Santa will bring one piece? Daddy thinks I will be fine with just the shopping cart. Maybe. If Daddy is getting a new TV I really NEED this. Okay, Daddy needs a new TV, ours blew up a few weeks ago!

02 October 2006

Here is a New Zealand Pukeko, I cant wait to see some when we go to New Zealand! Daddy saw them on Waiheke Island, but they are all over, even on the side of the motorway, by the mangroves.

We just couldnt stand it any longer! The forest green, floral nightmare of a carpet..yuk! Mummy went scouring the carpet store for a remnant to go on the stairs, she found a few good ones and Daddy agreed that this was the one! I love dots. They're fun! It makes for an interesting climb! did you know my Mummy is the Queen of remnant and bargain shopping? Well, you do now! She saved 70% on this carpet! Cool huh! I cant wait to see what she does with the bathroom! It's very tragic.

Monday...gosh how boring life can be, Mummy took me for coffee (aka hot chocolate) at the local coffee shop. I had not been back since I broke my forehead on the sharp counter. They give kids free animal crackers...mmmm...I had elephants, giraffes and rhino's, Mummy calls them Rhinocersarouses...but I think she's kidding. I wore stripes...from my head to my toes.

On Sunday we went to the Rennaisance Festival, it's only 10 minutes down the road and quite the big deal so I understand. We got there early and there were thousands of people, dogs, pirates, hobbits, gypsies, and a medievil vagabond! There were a few misplaced hippies and the regular 'dungeons and dragons crowd' too (it's a dry year, no Lord of the Rings movies are coming out!)

The day began famously, I was hearalded into the villiage with such fanfare. I love singing and music of all kinds...this is going to be fun! I want to see EVERYTHING!

the first thing I see...an African spiny horned turtle...in a tutu? Strange times these rennaisance years...Mummy says it was kinda like the 80's!

Apparently this store now offers franchise opportunities. I must admit, it is a niche market. I mean, where does one go for the finest East African puke, or the tremedously exotic bandyworm snot these days? I'm fairly sure Target has not cornered this market!

My very favorite sign in the whole place. Just for me!

Bungee jumpin pirates? Wow! That looks like fun. I had no idea you could do so much in a puffy shirt!

Maypole dancers! That was really cool! All that dancing made Daddy get a hankering for a giant roasted turkey leg! Aaaaarggggh...just like a pirate...I asked Mummy where pirates got their turkey legs from when they are at sea, she told me that pirates ate very special aquatic turkey's, hmmmm.