27 February 2006

Another picture in my green dress...hey, it's been a busy photo day! I can brush my own teeth really well...I have 5 more teeth coming in so I need to keep them clean! Sometimes I smear my toothpaste on the mirror...hmmm...I guess by the look on Mummy's face I'm not supposed to do that!

Darn Papparazzi...or is it Mummyrazzi?

Happy Piper

I'm getting tired Mummy...

1 second later...

WOW! So glad blogs dont have volume!!!!

26 February 2006

Going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO, how bout YOU YOU YOU!!!!!

Today was the best! We went to the Minnesota Zoo for the very first time! There were more strollers there than animals but thats okay! First we visited the aquarium, there we a million different kids of cool fish. There were stingrays and two really big sharks!!!! We got to see the sharks being fed...looks a bit dangerous, but I'd give it a try if they let me!

Then we went to the dolphin show..it was AWESOME! I clapped and laughed the whole show! Daddy and Mummy had a good time too. After the show we went on a special train called a monorail, we got to see loads of animals in their big pastures, bison, antelope, prairie dog and my very favorite...TIGERS! Daddy couldnt see them, so I pointed and growled 'RAAAAAAAA' he finally saw them...I don't know why it took so long, I spotted them right away! They have stripes!

I fell asleep as soon as we got back to the car...and apparently I snored the whole way home! Daddy said I was catching flies?

At 6pm our doorbell rang...it was our neighbor Brittany, she came over to babysit so Mummy and Daddy could go and see a movie. I wasn't happy...and I let them know! I'm not sure if I like this babysitting thin much.

Mummy and Daddy saw 'The World's Fastest Indian' and LOVED it!

What a weekend! First Daddy gets his haircut, then I got my very first trim...it's not officially my first haircut because in China I had my head shaved several times, but this was my first time where it was for cuteness! Amanda is the lovely lady who cut my hair...I like her...she smells nice! Mummy took me to Caribou Coffee for a drink first, apparently I'm not allowed coffee just yet, but I like to pretend I'm a grown up! Daddy doesnt talk in the mornings without his coffee so it must be pretty magical stuff!

We had a busy busy day, we visited lots of fun shops, we went to a special kids bookstore called 'Wild Rumpus', they have lots of really fun birds in cages and they even have a fluffy white chicken for the kids to pet. I got to pat the chicken very gently, Mummy and Daddy got upset when a big boy came and squeezed the chicken too hard...we left before the 'chicken protection society' came to get him! Then we went to a really fun store where they were having a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' party. It was CRAZY! Mummy dropped my name into a fishbowl, it had something to do with a prize drawing for Thomas stuff...she said we'd have to mortgage our house to get all the stuff...but luckily we won the prize and will go back next weekend to pick up our Thomas starter set!

I had an awesome day, lots of fun. Mummy and Daddy seemed a bit tired by the time we came home. Me too.

22 February 2006

Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy!

The other day Mummy left my yogurt on my highchair tray and went around the corner to talk to one of the contractors working at our house. I tried really really hard not to touch it but it was blueberry which is my absolute favorite and I had to taste just a bit...when mummy came back all my yogurt was gone and the only tell tale signs that I'd eaten it was a wisp of purple in my hair and one slightly sticky hand.

My competence in spoon to mouth has given Mummy the idea that I can feed myself most things. Unless they are just too drippy. I did a good job on my lunch of mashed kumara, peas, spinach and cottage cheese! I'm also learning to hold a big cup with no lid! Sippy cups are for suckers!

17 February 2006

The other day it was -15 degrees, we didnt plan on going outside but we had to go to the post office...I wore my snowsuit but it was still so cold I almost wrote a letter to our local congressman to ask if he can do something about it.

Once we got home I read some books to Mummy. I like the farm book Daddy bought for me in the San Fransisco airport on his way to get me...it has ducks in it!

Mummy lit a fire, it's nice and warm but apparently I'm not allowed to help her with it.

Mummy and Daddy need a holiday...Mummy has some plans for spending next January in New Zealand! Thank Goodness!

14 February 2006

On a sadder note...Daddy hit a deer last night on his way home. He was really sad and his car has a blood nose! The tow truck came and took his car away today!

Bathtime = Funtime!

I can say 'duck' and 'bubble' now...and when mummy and I sing in the bath I can do the actions to 'twinkle twinkle little star', right down to making the diamond with my fingers! Daddy says if mummy teaches me to say diamond too soon we'll all be in trouble!

I can pretend to be a tiger too! pretty fierce huh! Dig the Fu Manchu!

...and when all is done I can pull a James Bond and exit the bath! Mummy isn't to keen on me doing that. She says I'm a cheecky monkey!



Happy Valentines Day!

My Dad rocks! Today a nice man in a brown truck delivered a valentines day present from my Daddy! I got the coolest 'spa robe' for toddlers...it's so warm and scrummy! We got to use it early today as I had a bit of a grumpy tummy and mummy said I needed an 'emergency' bath! No further explanation necessary, but there is a load of laundry on at the moment!

Things I learnt this week

A. Shots hurt, even when the lady is smiling at you! She is tricking you into a false sense of 'hey, everything is great'..she is a liar...don't trust anyone in a white coat!

B. Kissing my buddy Leo when he has a cold is NOT a good idea!

C. Colds blow! literally! Mum and I stayed home for two days while we recouperated...I am on my first batch of antibiotics for an ear infection.

D. I learnt how to say 'ear'

E. Olive's bed isnt as comfy as mine!