27 January 2006

Coloring is FUN! I love all the colors but orange seems to taste the best..oops I mean color the best. Apparently I'm not supposed to eat the crayons but I just cant help it sometimes, they look so DELICIOUS!

Mummy snapped this picture before I could smile! We get up pretty early now to get to work and we drive Olive to doggy daycare in Eden Prairie. She gets to have fun times too, she is almost as tired as I am when she comes home. Yesterday she fell asleep in the car on the way home...so did I.

My little elf hat was a bit wonky today...I'm usually much more perky!

I'm a Mean Green Walking Machine! I took FIVE steps today and you can't hold me back now! I love walking, especially in my Chinese 'squeaky' shoes...Olive thinks I'm a giant chew toy now so I'd better learn to run really quick!

Mummy started her new job this week, we get to go over to Sam and Leo's house four days a week and help them. I love Leo, he is ONE just like me. Sam is three and loves Thomas the tank engine, I prefer Percy, he's green and thats my favorite color today, can't you tell!

Today I am going with Mummy and Daddy to get my Social Security number...they have to take a bunch of stuff with them, more paperwork!

I CAN WALK! Well one step here and there! I started just a few days after I turned ONE! Watch out mummy and daddy! Olive thinks it's pretty cool too! Check out my cool outfit! Auntie Tara picked up this skirt form some bohemian chick in Ibiza! I am truly an International fashionista!

Firm Friends!

Piper and Olive are best friends, they do everything together! They lounge around on the sofa, play with toys and even eat from the same bowl..oops!(we are trying to curb that one!) Piper sneaks a cheerio or two to Olive when she thinks we aren't looking!

16 January 2006

Piper gave something to Mummy and Daddy to enjoy as well! She was quite impressed to be named after a fine Champagne...in fact so were we! Someone pointed out to us that our daughter was also a posh bit of bubbly! Funny thing is Piper has just started saying 'bubble'...aaaah, kismit!

Happy Birthday Miss Piper! We had the nicest Birthday ever! Just Mummy, Daddy, Olive and the Birthday Girl! We celebrated with cake and balloons and much fun was had by all! Piper loved her balloons and fell in love with 'Percy', her new push along tank engine. Olive was really into the party spirit and stood by her best pal in hopes of grabbing a morsel of flung blue icing! The little girls from accross the cul-de-sac called to sing Piper 'Happy Birthday' which was too sweet for words. The next day Piper and Olive had a blast playing with her balloons...until the last one popped and the fun was over! Poor Piper wailed because they were all gone..I think Olive cried too!

10 January 2006

Christmas was an adventure....

Going away over Chrisatmas probably wasnt the brightest thing we've done since bringing Piper home. The trip was a bit of a disaster, Delta lost our luggage for 27 hours. All the shops were shut because we arrived late Christmas Eve, Piper freaked out not having her blankie and sound machine(two very important items we have been using to transition her) and Mummy freaked out a bit. I think we'll stick close to home for the next six months. Piper did enjoy her ride in Nana's radio flyer though! She also got z big kick out of the ride on car...we see the indie 500 in her future!

Our little Elf LOVES Santa!