16 January 2006

Happy Birthday Miss Piper! We had the nicest Birthday ever! Just Mummy, Daddy, Olive and the Birthday Girl! We celebrated with cake and balloons and much fun was had by all! Piper loved her balloons and fell in love with 'Percy', her new push along tank engine. Olive was really into the party spirit and stood by her best pal in hopes of grabbing a morsel of flung blue icing! The little girls from accross the cul-de-sac called to sing Piper 'Happy Birthday' which was too sweet for words. The next day Piper and Olive had a blast playing with her balloons...until the last one popped and the fun was over! Poor Piper wailed because they were all gone..I think Olive cried too!

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Michael, Shelby & Charlotte said...

I know a few dogs that would love to lick up that cake!! Sorry we weren't able to be there to celebrate her first birthday.