25 September 2006

Passports and Feijoas!

I have a passport! On Septemeber 11, 2006 I got my very own USA passport!

Mummy & Daddy told me we are going to go to New Zealand in February to see Nana Rosemary and Grandad Pete & Nana Joceyln. I will get to meet Auntie Tracey and Uncle Andrew...AND more importantly I will get to eat FEIJOAS!

I have no idea what a feijoa is, but Mummy cant stop talking about them.

I think I will start packing my bags now.

When is February? I hope it's soon.

boo boo's happen.

Yesterday I tripped after we came home from the park. It hurt. Mummy gave me the magic soccer ball icee to hold on my chin. I am barely recovering from a bruised chin from another boo boo. I am a scabbasaurous!

I am also a bit of a hypochondriac...I always need 'cream' for boo boos and I have an addiction to band aids...especially ones with the 'Wiggles' on them.

I have been feeling a bit crummy lately though. I had a bad bug a few weeks ago, and now I have a cough and a runny nose. aaaah...daycare!

In case anyone asks, I'm going golfing.

I don't like pigtails but boy Mummy thinks they look cute.

I have also discovered something revolutionary....pockets. They are amazing, I can put all sorts of things in them, like dogfood, fluff, hairbands, pirate booty and sometimes even yoghurt!

Do these pants go with my hat? Can I get them up any more?

This is actaully just part of my sleep diversion tactics...my plan is to have Mummy and Daddy laughing so much they will forget it's bedtime. It hasnt worked yet, but one day it might.

Will these photos come back to haunt me when I'm older...you betcha!

dig my groove?

I decided to wear my pull-up on my head. It's most fashionable in other parts of the world.

My new smile is not yet perfect for the camera. I'm working on it.

Pucker up Ollie! I'm a kisser!

I love Olive, she is my very best friend and she looks after me. Sometimes we fight a little bit and I get jealous when she sits with Mummy or Daddy but overall we are the bestest of best friends!

Daddy says I'm not allowed to ride Olive, she is not like 'rock rock'..I still try to sneak in a ride on her back but she doesnt seem to keen.

I weigh 23.5 pounds (still) and have grown 1.5 inches in a few months.

Mummy bought me an Elmo nightie...I like Elmo, I might even go as Elmo at Halloween. Not sure yet. Mummy is looking into costumes!

I enjoy my 'rock rock' Auntie Polly in California gave 'rock rock' to me and I LOVE her...if it swings, or rocks I'm all over it! I'm only allowed to rock on the carpet..to avoid unecessary injury.

I liked the swings in Spring, and by Summer I disliked them immensely, now that it is Fall I am back in love with everything that swings...I especially love it when we walk to the park and Daddy pushes me on the swing for 3-4 hours (or so Daddy says it feels like!) It's only a 7-10 minute walk to the park...so Mummy Daddy and I get to go quite often.

I like the slide, but it just doesnt have the same feeling of Weeeeee...eeeee..eeee as the swings. I want a swing at home but we don't have anywhere to hang it. Mummy says it will be too snowy soon to come outside to swing.

Until then I will swing to my hearts content. As long as Daddy's arms hold up.

Okay, please accept my Mummy's sincere apologies. She has been very busy and lost track of time. It has been just over a month since she last posted and is now willing to enter the blog confessional!

Just to let you know, this was a bad hairday. I go to sleep, and when I wake up a clan of hairmonsters have attacked me...I'm not sure what to do about that.

Daddy bought me a hairbrush in Germany...I hope it helps!