19 August 2006

Week in recap

Sunday = fun with Mummy

Monday = more fun with Mummy

Tuesday = 1/2 day school, fun with Mummy

Wednesday = even more fun with Mummy

Thursday = full days at school, nap time insecurity issues, so sleepy after no nap that I tripped and landed on my head resulting in massive bruise

Friday = met friends at zoo, had massive tantrum while on the monorail, could not get off monorail, kept having tantrum all way home...ends up 1 hour 15 minute tantrum. Who knew humans could scream for so long! Mummy knows now.

Friday afternoon = Daddys home! Went to PF Changs for dinner, perfect angel. Daddy doubts Mummy's story.

Friday = I have a new cousin 'Mollie', she was born today in Colorado! 6lbs, 6oz's.

Saturday = up at 6.30am (my new school day routine, also good on non school days!), trip to the lakes for big walk, fed ducks, walked in rose garden, walked and walked and walked. Daddy has a flat tire. Ate noodles and drank chocie milk for lunch.

13 August 2006

A day to remember. On August 3, 2006 I was officially re-adopted in the State of Minnesota. Mummy & Daddy had to do that because they wanted me to have an American birth certificate. As soon as we get the official birth certificates in the mail Mummy will apply for my New Zealand citizenship. I'm going to be a Chinese American and a Chinese New Zealander...top that with a cherry!

My new official name is Piper Lily Hannah Hoppe...cool huh. Mummy added the Hannah part because 'Lily Hannah' was my Great Great Grandmothers name in New Zealand.

When we were in China, our group got together and sat on the famous red couch at the White Swan Hotel. Can you believe all these people came for just nine little girls? We're all so lucky to have met each other and we keep in contact with a lot of the families.

Rememeber this! I have now officially been with Mummy & Daddy longer than I was in the orphanage! Can you believe it! I'm 19 months old now! When Mummy and Daddy got me I was 9 months and 20 days old! Look at me back then...what was the deal with my hair?!

Daddy left for Germany yesterday. He took me to the zoo in the morning, then after naptime we went to the airport to drop him off. This morning Mummy came into my room and I said "Daddy high sky", Mummy was surprised I remembered that Daddy went on a plane high in the sky. I'm a good rememberer!

No photos...Daddy has the camera

10 August 2006

I am a water child. I love being wet. I love baths, pools, lakes and Olives water bowl. My favorite piece of clothing other than my buzzy bee boots is my swimsuit. When Mummy asked me to get my jammies out of the drawer I always try to trick her into putting my swimsuit on so I can go outside and swim in my paddling pool...even if it is nearly 8 o'clock at night!

So..when given the opportunity I dip my hands into water. Although I have been told that the toilet bowl is not an option for me at this time.

So...a fountain at the zoo will do!

I love the slides...I think Mummy counted me going down 27 times! I know it sounds strange but thee is a really cool playground at the Mall and Mummy takes me there once in a while to hang with the other kids. I met a VERY cute boy from Korea, he was a little older than me and I fell instantly in love with him, why?, well...the big thing was that he liked the slides AND he had a Charlie & Lola book...my favorite one, 'I will never, not ever eat a tomato!'...and even though it was in Korean, I knew, I just knew we were destined to be friends!

Mummy & Daddy need to have part of our yard regraded...I'm going to do it myself. Daddy doesnt know yeat...I'm going to surprise him! The one thing that I can't figure out is how to get this bulldozer back to Victoria.

Now that I'm a big school girl I decided to get my bus driver license and drive myself to school each day. I might pick up a few of the other kids in my class 'the playful pandas' and start earning money for college!

My first day at school.

I have a pink lunchbox filled with healthy goodies. Daddy & Mummy took me to my new school and I got to play with a bunch of my new friends. My teacher is Miss Kellie, she seems nice. Did you know they have little toilets just like my big one at home! It's amazing! I really like those toilets!

I came home very happy, dirty and tired. I am officialy a kid!

On Monday Mummy surprised me with a trip to the zoo. I love the zoo. This time we took in the 'bird show', it was a lot of fun and I got to see lots of parrots, including a hyacinth macaw which is very big and bright purple! I saw lots of other types of birds, including a bald eagle...that was really special.

Mummy and I went on the monorail, we saw the 'Africa' exibit which included giraffes, springbok, zebras etc...they come to the zoo in the summer, but they go back to another zoo in the autumn time because it gets too cold here.

We went really early, as soon as the zoo opened, that was a good move on Mummys part because all the animals were up and frisky. We saw Moose up close, one was about 5 feet away by the fence! We saw both of the Tigers and they were running! We saw caribou, bison and camels too!

I really love the sharks, and the monkeys, and the......

I got a monkey cap. Mummy says I'm a cheeky monkey!

01 August 2006

I love blueberry smoothies too! Daddy makes delicious ones! I know you see a lot of me eating, Mummy says because I am finally sitting still! Otherwise I'm running around too fast for Mummy to take a picture. Daddy says we need a faster camera! Mummy says we need a slower kid!

Oh I love Nutella, it's very very yummy...oh I love Nutella, especially in my tummy! I looks like Marmite but 'oh no' it tastes like heaven don't you know.


My very very very favourite books are about 'Charlie & Lola', I love them, and can say "Charleeee & Low-LA" I especially like it when Mummy reads them to me with their silly voices.

Oh yes..I forgot to tell you that my stroller olympic moves helps me to get on a rocking horse BY MYSELF! This was at the Shorters house on Sunday, such fun! I also got to lie on the big buffalo fur...it was soft and very nice. Reminds me of my woolly sheepskin in my crib.

This is the way a lady alights her perambulator.

maybe it's not so graceful, but I needed to get a good seat so I could work out the buckle system in case I need to escape from the stroller at the Mall! Wouldn't Mummy be proud! I love my swimsuit, I have a gazillion of them now and Mummy and Daddy only bought me one, they have all been gifts from friends. My pink polka dot bikini is my favourite today!

We went to the country on Sunday, out where Olive goes to camp. It was very pretty. We had a bbq at the 'Shorters' house, Daddy knows Mr Shorter from work. They cooked 'beercan chicken' it was scrum-diddly-um-cious!

I played in the sprinkler with the girls, it was so hot outside that it was the only way to keep cool. I got SOAKED! Luckily Mummy brought along extra clothes.

I ate lots of guacamole and salsa!

When asked which footwear I want to wear to a bbq, please don't get upset when I pick my gumboots! My parents told me we were going to the country to a bbq, I dressed appropriately.

Hello darhlings...dig my new specs? I love them, but Mummy thinks I left them somewhere because I can't find them anymore!