30 May 2010

Mumma make me a bunny dressand so I did. and she couldnt be happier!

24 May 2010

"Ride Forest Ride!" um... I mean "Ride Paisley Ride!"
It has been a long hard road to get Miss Paisley on her bike. The evidence of this is glaring at us from the garage in the form of THREE...yes I said THREE different modes of preschooler perambulation. The 'retro' was Pipers way back when, and until today was considered the equivalent of water-boarding in Paisleys book. Frankly, I don't know what came over her...but she insisted that she was ready to get on and give it a go.
first one must tame the beast
I will tame you red beastie...I will tame you.

it got a wee bit squirrely but she reined that bad boy in!
Big Seester is so proud!
"you can do it Paisel"
(yep, thats what Piper calls her)
"I can ride...Mummy I can RIDE!"

her nemesis

until today.

easy breesy It's warm outside...and a little bit sticky, but that doesn't phase Paisley at all. She wanted me to take photos today, but when we got outside she just wanted to tell me stories, and profess her love for Justin Roberts, and tell me that she's a big girl now because she's three and can finally ride her tricycle.
she takes my breath away daily.

21 May 2010

kissin' seestersif you're gonna do it, do it right!

UK style A good friend in the UK sent over the cutest tshirts for the Snowflowers. I dont know how she does it, but every time she sends the girls shirts they become their favorites! These are no exception...thanks Miss K we love you!

20 May 2010

fun in the sun

12 May 2010

why so many photos mum?

11 May 2010

there's trouble a-brewin'
and her name is Paisley Rose
the kid has something up her sleeve, and I'm waiting for it to happen...being three is definitely interesting!

08 May 2010

my shadow is chasing me!

06 May 2010

A blast from the past
this week we took a little trip east to Stillwater, a quaint little place on the St. Croix River by Wisconsin. It reminded me of Brattleboro in Vermont, lots of antique stores, restaurants and this...the girls LOVED the train and we spent ages just hanging around in it's presence.
We were there for another reason...but more on that later.

05 May 2010

the kid has the heart of a cowgirl

01 May 2010

my sweet Paisley Rose