24 May 2010

"Ride Forest Ride!" um... I mean "Ride Paisley Ride!"
It has been a long hard road to get Miss Paisley on her bike. The evidence of this is glaring at us from the garage in the form of THREE...yes I said THREE different modes of preschooler perambulation. The 'retro' was Pipers way back when, and until today was considered the equivalent of water-boarding in Paisleys book. Frankly, I don't know what came over her...but she insisted that she was ready to get on and give it a go.
first one must tame the beast
I will tame you red beastie...I will tame you.

it got a wee bit squirrely but she reined that bad boy in!
Big Seester is so proud!
"you can do it Paisel"
(yep, thats what Piper calls her)
"I can ride...Mummy I can RIDE!"

1 comment:

Casey said...

She looks SO super proud!! Don't you love it when they just decide to bite the bullet and DO IT! Congrats!!

We are still working on Em. lol.