30 March 2010

BFF'sPiper and her best friend Cece. they are inseperable!


29 March 2010

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
it's not right, but it's okay.

One fish, two fish, red fish...Paisley fish
lets start by saying, this time last year this little aquatic adventure wasn't going so well. However, turns out a year can make a HUGE difference to our littlest Snowflower. Paisley got swimming lessons from Poppy & Dede this Christmas and we have been waiting for 'Spring' to sign up(seriously, winter lessons suck, you do not want to go outside in -30F weather with wet hair!). Well...turns out Paisley fanicies herself as a bit of a mermaid. She ADORES swimmng lessons, and the best part is that she does them with her Daddy. Roll on Summer, the lakes await us!

Someone's feeling better!
I don't know what got into her, other than the antibiotics, but the kid is doing great! She's back at swimming lessons and feeling all powerful and strong. She'll be back at school tomorrow and hopefully this is the last of the greeblies for some time! On the flip side, turns out her Mummy & Daddy got whatever she had and have been nursing sore throats and coughs for the past few days. ugh. We need some of her super recovery powers!
"say hello to Missus Smith & Missus Wesson"

26 March 2010

ice cream - antibiotics for the soul

25 March 2010

Sore throats suck!
Piper is not used to being sick. I can count on one hand the times she has had a cold, so when she started coughing a week or so ago I kept a close eye on her. Then, last weekend she cried in her sleep and woke up with a raging sore throat. Off to the Doctors we went. Thankfully it wasnt strep, but she does have a sinus infection and is on her second ever dose of antibiotics! She told me
"Mumma, this is my second sore throat ever, remember I had my first sore throat in Hong Kong, when I threw up on you...remember""remember Mummy?"
why is she smiling when she said that?
"Yeah baby, how could I forget"Entertaining themselves in the Docs office
up to mischief!

they sure are cute when they're sleeping!

24 March 2010

go bento or go home!

Like I said, no school lunches for my snowflower! I'm going Bento baby!

p.s. these lunchboxes can be found at amazon or laptoplunches.com

22 March 2010

"my kids will never not ever eat a school lunch!"
last night one of my FAVORITE chefs of all time, Jamie Oliver debuted his series 'Jamie Oliver Food Revolution' on ABC. I have always been an advocate for REAL FOOD and seeing what is offered up in schools has been not only shocking to me, but as a parent I have vowed that until things change I will never not ever let my children eat a school lunch!

Firstly, that darn 'nutritional pyramid'...well frankly it's a monster created by the DOA to make us think that our kids need to drink copious amounts of hormone and anitbiotic laced milk, and eat poorly(I'm being generous in my wording here)farmed meat and produce. Well...no more! I signed the petition to support Jamie in his quest to improve the health, welfare and lives of our children...will you? Oh, and btw...my kids eat a balanced mostly organic diet, they are rarely ill, and I think thats a testament to the revolution! Oh, and what a dandy way to improve the health of one of the SICKEST most OBESE developed nations on the planet!
Start 'em when they are small and you will build a generation of people who care where the food they eat comes from!

21 March 2010

I've always had this question...why is it that in the United Kingdom it's the Church that favors National Healthcare and petitions the government to maintain coverage for it's people, but here in the USA it's the religious right that rally to deny it's fellow citizens the same coverage? Interesting question.
It's not about government funded abortion people, it's about making sure people don't DIE because they can't get care! It's making sure that Insurance companies can't deny someone coverage because they were born or developed a 'condition' that they feel would cost them to much to manage. It's about doing the right thing.
My Jesus - Your Jesus...different dudes me thinks.

16 March 2010

2 YEARS AGOYou were placed into our arms.

12 March 2010

Justin Roberts biggest fans!A few weeks ago we took the girls to see one of our favorite kids musicians...Justin Roberts. He always comes to Minneapolis at the end of winter and we have managed to see him every single year since Piper came home. His songs are catchy, funny and the girls adore him(his band). In fact Piper wanted to "bake him brownies"! A rockin' good time was had by all and we are uber excited to see what cool tunes are on his soon to be released new album.
rock-a-billy girls, Piper cannot take her eyes of JR long enough to pose for Mum! I smell a groupie!

ZOO-BE-DOO Yesterday was a very very rainy day. We decided to go to the Zoo. Hmm, nothing says fun day at the Zoo like 37 degrees and mass precipitation! There were of course 'preparations' to be made, which included a trip to Target(aaah, Target, everything in life is solved by a trip to retail mecca!). Okay, I have to admit, there were actually TWO trips to TWO different Targets but that's just what it took to get Mum and Piper new gumboots for the excursion! Thanks to our friend Ellie, Paisley had quite a smart pair of gumboots for puddle splashin
..which I might add was one of the predetermined activities for our visit!
"See my flash boots Mumma!"
Even though we packed our 'organic' lunch, someone convinced Mummy that a bag of cotton candy was essential to their enjoyment of the day! hmmm... gross. Turns out even the hardiest Minnesotan thought a trip to the Zoo in the rain is madness so we practically had the entire outside to ourselves,
"hello?? anyone there??"
The girls had a blast splashing their way from the Sea Otters to the Takin, they rode on the monorail, saw Wolverines and Bald Eagles on the Minnesota Trail, and at Piper's insistance, we had to visit the 'dragons'...I'll tell you a little story about that later, but turns out the lesson in mythology wasn't necessary due to the fact that our Zoo DOES have dragons, two kinds in fact!, just not the ones Mummy thought she was talking about!
Meet Mr Tortoise
3.5 hours and three pairs of sopping socks later, time to go.
I'm disappointed with my photos because I took my poxy pocket camera that has seen better days, so if anyone can recommend a pocket camera that takes awesome photos let me know!

02 March 2010

and so, we enter the world of attachment therapy.

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"

- Dr Suess

you rock my world.