12 March 2010

Justin Roberts biggest fans!A few weeks ago we took the girls to see one of our favorite kids musicians...Justin Roberts. He always comes to Minneapolis at the end of winter and we have managed to see him every single year since Piper came home. His songs are catchy, funny and the girls adore him(his band). In fact Piper wanted to "bake him brownies"! A rockin' good time was had by all and we are uber excited to see what cool tunes are on his soon to be released new album.
rock-a-billy girls, Piper cannot take her eyes of JR long enough to pose for Mum! I smell a groupie!


Kris said...

she makes one cute groupie and something tells me Paisley will follow in her footsteps!

Calico Sky said...

LOVE Paisley's face in this picture!!!!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh my gosh look at the pigtails! I can't believe how bit Paisley has gotten!

Jonni said...

Oh my, that is sooooooo cute! Love those sweet little faces and pigtails!