31 October 2008

Three years ago today we were handed a very scared, very hot little girl at the government offices in Guangzhou. I cannot believe how fast you have grown, and what a superstar you are! The last three years have been filled with such joy! I cannot believe that the little spitfire that stands before me today is the same child! You are Mummy's little trouble maker, gigglebox and snugglepie. You are our sweet sweet baby and we love you like crazy!

30 October 2008

Don't Vote 2 HQ

28 October 2008

hmmm....guess he doesn't have diamonds on the soles of his shoes
there goes the elitist argument

27 October 2008

Our thoughts and prayers are with a fellow adoptive family who was in China the same time as we were earlier this year adopting their daughter. Their beautiful little girl passed away today. My heart aches for you. May peace find it's way to your family.

For about a year our family has consistently been putting out our rubbish bins(aka trash cans) at the curb every Monday with ONE SOLITARY kitchen bag full of trash inside! We finally wised up and ordered the smallest bin available and honestly I have to say it felt good. Our recycling bin is another story...we only have pick up once every two weeks and by that time it is overflowing...which makes me wonder...if people don't recycle, then exactly HOW MUCH trash is being put into our landfills? It's second nature to us now, and Piper is an ACTIVE participant in our recycling program. We're going to try hard this year to buy Christmas gifts with less packaging...lets see if we can pull that one off!

caught red handed!uh oh...who gave the baby candy?
Don't blame me..she threatened to put a spell on me if I didn't hand over the cauldron of goodies. Luckily just one piece seemed to do the trick. On a side note, I tasted my first ever 'tootsie roll'...holy crap, why didn't someone tell me how revolting they are! Bluch! Thank goodness the wrapper doubles as a receptacle for half chewed brown gunk...bluch bluch double bluch!



Piper & Paisley got some use out of their costumes on Saturday. We went to two little trick or treat events. Piper wore her 'BatCat' costume....but I think EVERYONE thought she was a retro Batman. Paisley went as a Irate Pirate in the morning, then switched into a witch costume at night. I know it's too early to post Halloween pictures, but I just had to post this one...so cute, and such an attitude! The funniest thing...Piper felt the need to 'kungfu challenge' any child in a batman or batgirl costume?

26 October 2008

Snow is my favourite and my best!
Piper has been anxiously awaiting the first signs of winter. Much to her parents chagrin, today her wish was granted...big white fluffy flakes fell for most of the day! Thankfully it didn't stick, but it is a sign of things to come.
Tonight we 'celebrated'(restrained yay) by reading her favourite book about snow...chased down with two pages from the Constitution of the United States of America...which by the way is quite the read...I particularly like this beautiful rendition by Sam Fink.

24 October 2008

Stunning Snowflowers

Last weekend we took the girls for a photo shoot...as I had mentioned in an earlier post...and due to some environmental influences(no naps, 45 minute commute, late afternoon appointment) the shoot didn't really go as planned. I have to send WHOPPING props out to Lauri the photographer though...she was basically the 'toddler whisperer' the entire time...however, she was dealing with the Snowflowers and that makes everything just that little bit more difficult! Luckily Lauri agreed that we should get together again to try to get some photos of the girls together...hopefully this weekend! But for now...here's two teasers!
You can see more, or book Lauri at her blog or website

22 October 2008

We have not been good Hokie fans this year...the election has taken first place over our support for the Hokies...so I just wanted to give a shout out to the team to say good luck for the game on Saturday...we wont be able to watch as we have a really full day of swimming lessons, do-over photos, Halloween parties and such...but the gnome says GO HOKIES!(p.s. we don't own a gnome...I just found this wee guy in cyberspace and had to use him)
Go Virginia Tech!

20 October 2008

Racist?? You have GOT to be kidding me!
All throughout the primary elections and even now, Obama has had to FIGHT for the black vote. There was a large sector of the African American population that felt he wasn't "one of them" - not black enough? I don't know. Regardless of that, he is pretty much the epitome of what America stands for: mother is white, father is Kenyan; mother on welfare; raised by his white grandparents; worked HARD and got into Harvard; successful career in teaching constitutional law.
The man has had to work hard for every inch he's gained in life and for the Republicans who say it's become a racist race are delusional and, to me, offensive.
I would agree if you asked the majority of people why they're voting for Obama and they said, "Because he's black." BUT, they *aren't* saying that! Far from it. This election is so exciting - in fact, people are actually getting involved like they never have in the past (psst...that's what Michelle Obama was referring to when she said she was proud of America). We're not just getting involved, we're gobbling it up! Obama's supporters are more engaged and informed than the democratic electorate has been in a looooong time. They (we/I) care about the issues and he represents the direction they (we/I) want this country to go.
Here's an email I got a few days ago about this very subject - this is for YOU, Susan - read for comprehension:
How it works The political question lately has been if racism will rear its ugly head in the upcoming election, i.e. the Bradley effect. I wish I could believe that the majority of citizens today will choose the next president based on the issues and how the candidate will address those issues, but I am still a skeptic. The reason for my skepticism is the following barometer of cold, hard facts.
What if ...
John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?
McCain were still married to the first woman he said "I do" to?
Obama were the candidate who divorced his first wife to marry a very wealthy woman?
Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard Law?
Michelle Obama became addicted to painkillers and acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?
Obama's teen-aged daughter got pregnant out of wedlock?
McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?
Obama were a member of the "Keating Five"?
If these questions reflected reality, do you really think the election numbers would be as close as they are?
This is how racism works and this is what racism does. It covers up rationality and minimizes positive qualities or emphasizes negative qualities.
I had to post this comment on my last post, it pretty much sums up the racism question.
Thank You...I just wish I'd written it myself!

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama for President

Just in case you didn't see Meet the Press on Sunday...here's the endorsement! AS for those who are emailing me and leaving comments regarding Dems being RACIST because they are voting for Obama...how insane, look in the mirror when you tell yourself that! Don't try and pull the sad angry white argument with me...it's not going to fly! Get over yourself, do your research and honestly, you have ANY questions, feel free to ask...I'm happy to help.

19 October 2008

RESPECT We knew it was coming, and today it finally did.
Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama!

18 October 2008

1. Don't book a photographer at 4pm in the afternoon
2. Don't drive 50 minutes to designated 'location' if children have not had a nap
3. Remind your children that if they don't listen, they will not be accompanying you home(just kidding)
4. Do ingest as much caffeine infused products as humanly possible prior to said shoot
5. Did I mention the 4pm thing? What was I thinking?
Today we took the girls for a really truly most proper photo session with the talented Lauri...we've saw her work here, and we couldn't wait to let her unleash her talent on the Snowflowers....the thing is....I didn't follow my own rules, and taking two un-napped, unruly, whining children on a 50 minute car ride(why they didn't fall to sleep on the way is beyond me) is never a good idea! Let me tell you, I don't know how Lauri could stand it...the whining, the naughty behavior, and that was just Mike & I! Lets just say...Piper was FULL OF IT, and Paisley was Grumpy McGrumpypants!
If Lauri can come up with even one good shot of the little monsters I'll be happy! If not, we'll reschedule for an AM session!
UPDATE! I was right...we have to do a do-over! Lauri managed to get a few shots, but the girls were just not cooperating! She has a few on her blog but we are going to reshoot this weekend. For some reason Piper was NOT cooperating when it came to getting a phto with both kids...ugh, poopr Lauri, she has to brave the Snowflowers once again!

baby got bling~a~ling
Yesterday we had to go to the MOA(Mall of America) to find some tights for Piper's Halloween costume. While we were there..I got sucked into the vacuum of Club Libby Lu to get my Snowflower baby blingaling'd! Piper was STOKED and kept telling her sister
"it'll be okay Paisley, it doesn't really hurt, it's like the flu shot"
Paisley didn't really get why she was among the beglittered, but she went with the flow...
"this is cool, I'm cool, I'm hanging with the big girls"
"um, hey, what are you doing....."
"I was NOT expecting that!..I hate you, all of you...yes even you!!"
you want to know how long she cried? about FOUR seconds...yep, that's it...four measly seconds, I gave her a jellybean and all was right with the world! I'd rather do it young than face the 'drama' when she is a bit older. I had my ears pierced when I was 3 and quite honestly I think it was far less stressful on me than it was on my then 7 year old sister!

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHHere's Piper with her Rocky Mountain cousins Rhys & Mollie! There is an interesting fact about all the grandkids(USA)to date...50% are homegrown, 50% are adopted from China, but guess whats even more interesting...all FOUR of the grandkids are 50% New Zealander! Yep...all four have the rights to New Zealand Citizenship! You know why? Mike's sister married a kiwi as well!
So here's a few snapshots of what Piper did in Colorado..

learnt about Wii sports with Nana
hung out with some new friends
went to a birthday party and 'helped' the birthday girl open all her giftswent to the Butterfly pavillion with Daddy... and met Rosie the spiderWent to the circus with Nana, Rhys & Auntie Susie(no photo)Rocked out with Grandma
basically she partied hard for an entire week and cam home exhausted! We sure did miss her when she was gone.

16 October 2008

"my friend, defeat tastes like moose doo doo"

13 October 2008

"Not sure when I happened on your blog. I adopted my son this Feb after a 3 year paper chase/journey. So somewhere in that mix I must have enjoyed your site, and tabbed it.
I know full well what I have to say and feel will not change your mind any more than your will change mine. But after the uneducated brewhaha I keep reading on a blog that I assume was intended on being"family" oriented or for your children, I have to ask, or rather say.... What are you thinking? I am so glad abortion is illegal in the country in which you and I adopted from! Sad your an avid promoter for a candidate whom has no problems with killing unborn children while promoting the opposite by adopting a child. I don't get it. Adopt or let them be aborted, what's your call?

Deleting my tab for your "children's adoption journal" that has become a politic bashing site supporting a candidate for aborting children. It states Adoption and love blog on the top of your page, but all I read is hostility and anger.

I'll be praying for you and the loss of children per your vote.
BUT FROM THIS EMAIL ADDRESS: m.stutzman@insightbb.com
a.k.a. "Jane you ignorant slut"
First of all, abortion is not illegal in China. It is, in fact, state-sponsored. Did you know that if a woman is found to be pregnant without a birth permit, the government will sometimes forcibly abort her baby? Even late in the pregnancy, when the baby could live outside the womb. On the other hand, having an ultrasound to determine the gender of your unborn child *is* illegal in China, and the whole reason it is illegal is because so many women choose to have abortions when they find out they are carrying girls.

Second, neither Barack Obama nor I have "no problems with killing unborn children." The forced abortions China performs are deplorable, as are the sex-selective abortions so many women choose there. My personal opinion on abortion is this: I would only choose it if I were in a desperate situation, and even then, it would be a devastating choice and most likely the worst experience of my life. I believe this is true of the vast majority of women who have abortions in our country. Only a very few, the pathological, have abortions without struggling over the decision and feeling the emotional pain it brings. I can't imagine many situations in my own life where I would choose to have an abortion, and I don't want to. They're all terrible. Abortion is a terrible choice to have to make for women in awful situations where there usually are no good choices. I have heard Obama say very much the same thing; I know he shares my opinion on abortion.

The difference between me & Obama and you is that we don't expect the rest of the world to live according to our beliefs. We respect your right to choose NOT to have an abortion. Why can't you respect other women's choices?
Last but not least, if you don't like my blog, don't visit. But don't call what I say "uneducated brewhaha" (I'll educate you a little, actually: it's "brouhaha"). I am an intelligent, educated, and open-minded woman. I wish for peace in our world, education for all children, affordable & high-quality health care for every man woman and child, enough food on all tables, and warm beds under solid roofs for all of mankind. I also respect the educated and thoughtful opinions of those who disagree with me. I do not, however, respect the ignorant parroting of lies and half-truths spouted by people who don't respect me or my right to make choices about my own life.
Please don't bother praying for me. I am insulted that you would think my dearly-held beliefs place me in need of prayers from you to your god.
Let that be the last of it. Please consider that this is MY family journal, that I am raising MY children to believe in hope, truth, faith and love...and I answer to no one but MY God.
UPDATE: She wrote back...and called my blog a family/political blaspheme blog...among other niceties...wow, that's some down home Christian loving! So Ms Shelly Stutzman of Sellersburg, Indiana, Bethany Christian Adoption Agency...push delete, and don't let my blog hit you in the arse on the way out.

12 October 2008

Because we can...we will.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart...my family are supporters of ONE.org Take a moment to see what positive changes one voice, one vote, one hope can make when it is joined by millions of others sharing the same goals

11 October 2008


The Sidewalk to Nowhere, McCain Supporters in Bethlehem, PA

Shocking! These are Americans...waiting in line for a McCain/Palin rally. Nice huh. Proud to be an American? Not today, not today. This is repulsive, disgusting and shameful. The lies, the hatred, wow. The Republicans should be so proud of the type of people they have in their fold. Racism is alive and well in our great nation...and frankly the people at the top are doing nothing to quiet the disease than runs rampant in their supporters.


Professor Paisley 'Buffet' Snowflower is offering a one time seminar on her pumpkinomics class. Apparently she has been a little miffed at what is going on in pumpkin patches around the globe, especially one particularly big pumpkin patch on Wallstreet Farm.

Lesson one: Dont put all your pumpkins in one basket.

Maia & Flynn, Mike & Piper, Jen, Ben & Ellie
I borrowed this photo from my bloggy pal Maia...whom Mike & Piper were lucky enough to meet today at another bloggy mates home in Denver! Piper and Mike went to Jen's daughter Ellie's birthday party today and someone snapped a photo of my husband with my friends! hey...that should be me! I want to say a big happy birthday to the beautiful miss Ellie, and also wish Maia's sweetie Flynn good luck on her surgery on Tuesday..we will all be thinking of your family for the next few weeks as Flynn recovers.
I'm surprised Mike and Piper actually made it to the party in one piece, Piper didn't transition well from her morning activities of visiting the circus to her afternoon activity...the party, apparently(directly from Mike) she had a wee bit of a breakdown in the car on the way...lack of nap, too much fun? all of the above. so puffy eyed and slightly bedraggled she managed to pull it together for Ellie's party! Early to bed tonight I think!
BTW..these gals are two of my favorite bloggers & fellow Democrats! Gotta love that!

LEAF JUMPING Nothing beats jumping in a pile of leaves on a sunny Autumn day!
When we got home this afternoon from a day of running errands, the girls across the cul de sac had raked up a nice big pile of crisy crunchy golden yellow leaves...
I asked if Paisley could join in the fun and jump in the pile...I wasnt sure if she'd like it, but she threw herself headfirst into the pile and kept going back for more and more and more! What fun!I have to say we got a lot of comments today on Paisley's shirt! Thanks to her loving Auntie Kris in Florida both my Snowflowers are sporting the latest and greatest political wear! Paisley has mastered quite a few new words this week...she can now say her nic name 'ZiZi'(zgeezgee), and has also managed with prompting "O'baaMA' - hooray for the art of phonetics!

business in the front

party in the back!

And so it was that Mummy realized her littlest Snowflower was supporting quite the mullet! Yes, Paisley was half an inch away from singing Billy Ray Cyrus songs in a Honky Tonk in downtown St Paul! Something had to be done of course so I took my chances with the local 'Kids Hair' salon, even though we had a few mishaps with Piper and her locks in previous years, but I was willing to give them another try....

Paisley was BRILLIANT, she barely moved an inch during the entire haircut! She loves to have her hair brushed, so it didnt come as much of a surprise that she actually enjoyed the pampering. We left the salon happy, but realized after bathtime that one side was about 1/2 an inch longer than the other, so we went back for a repair job. Luckily it looks a lot better, and with a little time will grow into a nice bob.

strike a pose why don't ya Paisley!

10 October 2008

Vespa chic

On Tuesday Mike & Piper left for Denver! Mike piggybacked a family trip with a business trip so that Piper could travel with him and hang out with Nana and Papa and her Cousins Rhys & Mollie for six whole days! Let me just tell you that this wasn't an easy thing for her poor mummy...quite the opposite, but I am breathing and staying as sane as possible in her absence!
Piper was so excited to go on an airplane again, and from what her Daddy reported, she did a great job! So far her days have been filled with lots of fun...one day spent with Papa, the next with Nana, and today Mike is taking her to Boulder for a special lunch date and Daddy & daughter time. Lucky girl! Tomorrow she will get to visit one of Mummy's online friends at her beautiful daughters birthday party! I can't wait to see photos!

05 October 2008

FREE FALLINGLooking back at our trip to New Zealand last year I came across some photos of Mike and my Brother in Law Andrew white water rafting in Rotorua...it was quite the adventure, and I don't think I ever posted any photos of the waterfall drop. The truth is, they rafted over the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world...yup, and they lived to talk about it! Mike wisely kept his mouth closed during the plunge, but to be honest, the water in this river has to be some of the cleanest on the planet but I guess it was more of a precaution to not drowning!
I'm infinitely proud of the adventurous spirit my husband has, and I hope that as my girls traverse through life that they too embrace the desire to jump in the deep end...even if their Mum is sitting on the sidelines with heart palpitations! Life is meant to be an adventure.

02 October 2008

Yes We Can

I'd rather be Kayaking!
I took this photo of Mike last year when we were in New Zealand, Piper was splashing in the paddling pool on my Dad's patio overlooking the water as her Daddy took a morning kayak on the still waters below. Life seems simpler in New Zealand...more peaceful, less ridiculous. I wish I was back there.

01 October 2008

warning : foul language to follow..if you would rather not experience it, please don't read any further, I will post something sweeter tomorrow which might be more palatable for those with delicate constitutions
We're living the dream! Guess who ended up at our door at 5.45pm tonight? C'mon, it's not hard to guess...we've done this before...
The lovely Sheriff of Nottingham and his Henchmen aka Animal Control
Here's the funny part...I've been home pretty much all day, except for 2 hours when I took Piper to Chinese School. Olive had been in and out of the back yard most of the day and had spent the previous hour laying down and enjoying the last of the summer sun when she started barking...in the time it took me to scoop up Paisley and head up one flight of stairs and open the door, I had Olive inside. The total amount of bark time was probably less that 1 minute MAX! 45 seconds later I find out the reason she was barking...ding dong...there were THREE Police cruisers in our street in front of our house...THREE...you'd think we were planning the next Jihad or something!
Wait...wait...the really neat fun stuff comes next....
The Sheriff tells us that the 'complainant' is so angry at Olive barking that they are ready to make a citizens arrest...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!
Then...we finally find out(after we'd asked on every other occasion) that the complainers are our NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS!
We rarely talk to them, but are always cordial, but for the past 12-18 months the Mom has been avoiding eye contact and we rarely see her.
So...now here's the crazy stuff...they have two dogs that BARK all the time! In fact when the Sheriff came over before we asked if the person could be confusing us with our neighbors because they leave their dogs out at night and year round even in the winter, and the big dog howls like a wolf as it sits on her doghouse roof in her pen, which happens to be 12 feet from our bedroom window! We have even broken the ice on her water in the winter because we were worried about her not having water during the day!
Their dog by the way has bitten several kids in the neighborhood in the past few years but no one has ever made a big deal about it!
We've lived here 3.5 years and it's only been an issue for the last 3 months?
There's gotta be something else going on
I know someone reported their teenage son for reckless driving, but it wasn't us
hmmm...curiouser and curiouser
oh, and they told the cops they'd tried to talk to us about it!...I said "really, so why on earth would I have asked you if the complainants lived behind us and possibly got us and our next door neighbors dogs mixed up?"....they agreed that our neighbors probably hadn't talked to us....no shit Sherlock!