29 July 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Piper passed her Kung Fu belt test tonight. She is so proud and excited as it is her first 'belt' and believe it or not the first thing out of her mouth was "when can I sit the yellow belt test?" Funnily enough we were scanning TV channels the other day and happened across a documentary about Michelle Yeoh of Crouching Tiger fame...lets just say it was the quietest 40 minutes Piper has ever had...she was enthralled. P recently mastered the one handed cartwheel out of necessity rather than the pursuit of skill...I mean, how can one do a cartwheel AND carry a sword at the same time, geez.

22 July 2010

C'mon...come out come out wherever you are! Family, friends, lurkers alike! There's a dress to be won and someone has to win it! Leave a comment on this post to enter!

21 July 2010

Here's a chance to win a growing snowflowers dress of your choice!

The feedback I have been getting is amazing...
"GORGEOUS!! I don't know which side of this reversible dress is more stunning.
Workmanship is superb. High quality all around!"
"Stunning, excellent workmanship, this dress is a work of art"
"Absolutely GORGEOUS dress, perfect in every way, the sewing is exquisite! It is a true showstopper of a dress. Beautiful. Thank you!!"
so I need to get the word out into the blogosphere, and this is my little marketing experiment! All you need to do to enter is email me at growingsnowflowers@yahoo.com for a little widget and put it on your blog, then come back here and leave a comment with a link to your blog or your blog address. If you dont have a blog but are on facebook you can also link to me on facebook and you can get another entry! I will be listing several other dresses in the next week, some longer sleeve numbers in time for school.

snag the link from the blog or email me for the javascript...if you are able and willing to keep my widget up on your blog in the sidebar you will get an extra entry! AND...if you do a blog post about my Etsy store or about my dresses and this giveaway I will add one more entry to the pot! How cool is that!

and if you dont have a blog or facebook but want a chance to enter, leave a comment on this post and email me so I know how to contact you! Hey, I'm an equal opportunity girl!

18 July 2010

Growing Snowflowersgetting some press
Photograph courtesy of Deb Layden Photography

I'm super honored and really grateful that some of my dresses are getting some seriously awesome exposure on super blogs!

Like PFP Photography and here at More Than This and Une Envie de Sel and here too...Notes from the Frugal Trenches to name a few...in fact, I'm really so honored and I appreciate all the wonderful feedback!

15 July 2010

Oh the places you'll go

Snowflower #1 has a cool project she is working on...it involves a spin, a cartwheel and a book! More to follow!

08 July 2010

hours of summer entertainmenta package came from Nana and Papa with these cute little balloon powered boats. They haven't seen the water yet, but the girls have spent hours trying to inflate the balloons!I.think.I.got.it.

05 July 2010

TWO new dresses for the shopI was drawn to this fabric for purely nostalgic reasons...I mean seriously...it's a rotary phone! I thought it would be cute on little girls who are constantly bugging their mothers to call their friends for playdates. I know in a few more years she'll want her own iPhone(gaffaw) but for now..I dont mind calling. I'm naming this fabric 'have your people call my people'...because...thats just how it is in our house.
call me!
and dress number two
Piper...you make me dizzy...you're a dizzy lizzy! Piper was moving so fast I could barely get a photo in focus....hmm, that gives me an idea! I could call the fabric 'focus Piper focus!' seems I say that enough these days that I even overheard the snowflowers playing a few days ago and after trying to get her sisters attention for several minutes Paisley just yelled "FOCUS PIPER! JUST FOCUS!"...sigh. The kid NEVER stops moving!

02 July 2010

the SAGE dress in buttercup

I love making dresses for the girls in linen...and when I spotted this yellow at first I wasn't sure it would work on the snowflowers skintone...boy was I wrong! I was so drawn to it, because to me, it spells summer. Daisies and sunshine and line dried clothes. It makes me feel...nostalgic.

actual attempt at flight

The Sage dress in 'buttercup' will be available on my etsy store in limited numbers.

summer daisyher beauty astounds me on a daily basis.

the flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful of all Mulan

more FCA fun
playgrounds rock no matter their size.

look who's watching you

FCA Picnic
Our local 'Families with Children from Asia' had a picnic at a park last weekend. The splash pad was a lot of fun if not a bit overwhelming due to the high concentration of bigger kids. The most fun thing seemed to be this water spout..which Piper commandeered. It didn't take long for Paisley to get in on the action either!Contemplating her next water activity? Where there's water there's fun.