18 July 2010

Growing Snowflowersgetting some press
Photograph courtesy of Deb Layden Photography

I'm super honored and really grateful that some of my dresses are getting some seriously awesome exposure on super blogs!

Like PFP Photography and here at More Than This and Une Envie de Sel and here too...Notes from the Frugal Trenches to name a few...in fact, I'm really so honored and I appreciate all the wonderful feedback!


Michelle said...

That's because your dresses are so awesome. I swear if I ever have a kid I will buy one(or ten). I'm passing your link along to my sister right now.

P.S. What a stunning picture! She is so beautiful.

k said...

LiLi looks SO rockin' in that dress Hayley. that should be on your page as an ad. makes ME want to buy that dress!!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

These are so awesome!!