05 July 2010

TWO new dresses for the shopI was drawn to this fabric for purely nostalgic reasons...I mean seriously...it's a rotary phone! I thought it would be cute on little girls who are constantly bugging their mothers to call their friends for playdates. I know in a few more years she'll want her own iPhone(gaffaw) but for now..I dont mind calling. I'm naming this fabric 'have your people call my people'...because...thats just how it is in our house.
call me!
and dress number two
Piper...you make me dizzy...you're a dizzy lizzy! Piper was moving so fast I could barely get a photo in focus....hmm, that gives me an idea! I could call the fabric 'focus Piper focus!' seems I say that enough these days that I even overheard the snowflowers playing a few days ago and after trying to get her sisters attention for several minutes Paisley just yelled "FOCUS PIPER! JUST FOCUS!"...sigh. The kid NEVER stops moving!


Patricia/NYC said...

Hmmm...I got one of those too ;)

k said...

O.M.G. LOVE. like, LOVE.

Jonni said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these dresses Hayley and of course Piper looks like a doll in them and I am lovin' her hairdo. SO CUTE! :)


Debi said...

I don't have a computer anymore so haven't been able to check in so I just seeing your new enterpeise. I love that you have opened an Etsy store.....I LOVE the dresses Hayley! I wish you loads of success. When I have a shopping Budget again I'll be popping over for the black and white dress for Keeva.