30 April 2010

THREE...it's a magic number!
yes it is! Well...the day started off very very interestingly..Mike was in the bathroom when Paisley got up, he wished her Happy Birthday and she promptly replied
"NO, I'm not three, I'm still TWO, leave me alone!"
and after going potty she stomped off to her bed where she promptly fell asleep for 30 more minutes! When she woke up the next time she was happy and raring to go! All I can say is I pity the boy that marries our sweet girl, because she is NOT a morning person!
Paisley had an AMAZING birthday yesterday...we were busy all day and we got to do lots of fun things, including, at her request...a second viewing of 'How to train your Dragon'! Daddy even bought home a very sweet bouquet for his little Snowflower!
After Piper's soccer practice we headed off for Chinese food and back home for Strawberry Shortcake 'cake'...Blow em out Paisley!whew!

28 April 2010

Saying goodbye to two


Well...coddle my eggs... My sister's turning THREE tomorrow!

15 April 2010

Question of the week...by Piper

"Mummy...all I want to know is exactly who or what is Jaques Costeau?"

I realize that I have let her listen to this in the car...oh well, the dream of the Rhodes Scholar fades once more.

09 April 2010

My new workout (ehem) shirtbecause I couldn't find one like this Minnesota has it's fair share of crazies, but this one takes the cake! Imagine my horror when Sarah Palin flew into town this week to support her re-election! y'know there's crazy, then there's batshit crazy...

07 April 2010

Doctor Dave explains the tools"Are you really seriously taking my photo?"Report card was A+ for brushing and A+ for no plaque! A++ for the too cool for school shades. Thumbs up from the littlest Snowflower!

05 April 2010

some 'traditional' Easter picsI know I know...normal is boring, but truth be told, the girls did enjoy putting on their Easter finery and hunting for the eggs the 'traditional' non-dragonese Bunny hid for them.
aaaaaah, the golden one is very special

viking girls kick some....
well...you know what I mean!
We live in Viking Country, there are more Norwegians in Minnesota than in Norway! So even if the girls aren't 'real' Viking bloodstock, they sure give it their best shot!

In fact, I see a few Kung Fu Viking moves in their ever expanding repertoire.

Mother of Odin, do not resist us, for we be Viking Dragon Trainers of the highest order!

no better way to see the world.
normal is boring.

Someone takes all things DRAGON very very seriously! Can you tell! Not only did the Easter Bunny visit our house this year, but the elusive Easter DRAGON made a visit too! The Easter Dragon left some very special treats for the girls, including these tshirts...he even hid some 1000 year old dragon eggs mixed in with the regular bunny ones! Piper transformed into a dragon trainer the minute she put on the tshirt...she picked out appropriate attire for an afternoon of fun with Mum & Dad at the movie!! The Easter Dragon also left a letter on ancient dragonpaper, Miss P tied the letter onto her wrist for half the afternoon!Paisley also picked out her own clothes for dragon riding....stripey pants are always a hit in the Viking world!
Watch out Hiccup....Piper wants her very own Night Fury!

death to chocolate bunnies

03 April 2010

Nothing says Easter like a new bonnet! Yesterday the Snowflowers and I hit the $1 section for some bonnet booty....ooohweee, did we find treasures aplenty! All of which were promptly attached with hot glue! Yes, even the my little pony!