05 April 2010

Someone takes all things DRAGON very very seriously! Can you tell! Not only did the Easter Bunny visit our house this year, but the elusive Easter DRAGON made a visit too! The Easter Dragon left some very special treats for the girls, including these tshirts...he even hid some 1000 year old dragon eggs mixed in with the regular bunny ones! Piper transformed into a dragon trainer the minute she put on the tshirt...she picked out appropriate attire for an afternoon of fun with Mum & Dad at the movie!! The Easter Dragon also left a letter on ancient dragonpaper, Miss P tied the letter onto her wrist for half the afternoon!Paisley also picked out her own clothes for dragon riding....stripey pants are always a hit in the Viking world!
Watch out Hiccup....Piper wants her very own Night Fury!

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