30 June 2010

hooleee-hoopin'raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!I got muscles and I'm not afraid to use 'em Piper loves a good hula hoopin' day in the sun.We got the hoops out today for the girls, but Paisley decided it wasn't her thing and took off before I had a chance to snap a few photos. Piper on the other hand came up with a few new moves...'skipping rope step through'apparently this is the 'middle split straddle jump'nice one mumma!

meet the new Vanna
my hopes of a scholarly future might be interrupted by one of a slightly less intellectual disposition...aka game show cookie. I don't know where she got the pose from but it is freakishly Vanna White...sigh.

26 June 2010

I scream...you scream, we all scream for
nothing says summer like super drippy ice creams in 93% humidity!

THE WORLD CUP Soccer rocks
I love this game!
fancy footwork

Today Piper had her soccer club Jamboree which marks the end of the season. It's particularly exciting since it coincides with the actual world cup! Piper scored over 15 goals today in two seperate games, she also set up at least 6 assists!

She has certainly been absorbing some of the tactics of the world cup teams!


One funny thing is when she is running for the ball she roars...yes, I said ROARS...and I think it intimidates the other team a wee bit! It's here version of the NZ rugby teams 'HAKA'

24 June 2010


23 June 2010

sistersit doesn't get more real than this
sure they squabble over toys and are polar opposites in most things...but they will always be the very best of friends and the very best sisters. I always get a bit peeved when someone asks me if they are 'real' sisters, to which I always reply 'of course'...I know what people want to know, are they biological sisters...well, no, but biology is the least of what makes you a family. The girls know they are not 'biological sisters' they know they have their own set of birthparents...we talk about it all the time. Piper is particularly intrigued that Paisley's birthparents are probably taller than hers because her sister is fast creeping up on her in the height department. We talk of these things, it's not tabu, or hidden, or hushed. It's what made our family what it is...who we are...and we cherish the fact that the girls know as much as they can and at an early age.

If you are so inclined, and would like to help a girl out...please feel free to promote my etsy store on your blog....pleeeeeaaaaase.
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twistIt drives her sister wild that she can't do the same thing, but Paisley can flip her tongue completely over! She seems to think it's pretty funny that her big sissy can't do something she can!

I know, I know, but this is my blog and I have to showcase the dresses I am making somewhere, so here it is...the sage dress in white linen

22 June 2010

Groovy GirlsLook! There's my Snowflower on the pages of a catalog! Piper did a shoot for Manhattan Toy a month or so ago for the 'groovy girls' a line of awesome dolls. She got to dress up as a superhero...what kid wouldn't want to do that eh!
We really love this company, and knowing that it's out of Minnesota is kind of cool too. As is common in these kinds of shoots, not all the photos get published, so Paisleys photos aren't in this one, but we'll keep you posted as she has a shoot on Thursday for a Nationwide retailer.

21 June 2010


everybody was kung fu fightin'

last week the Denver cousins came to visit...Piper and Rhys are two peas from the same pod! They loved spending time together, and I think the highlight was seeing the Karate Kid and going to Piper's Kung Fu Wu Shu class. I think someone will be bugging his parents for Kung Fu lessons real soon.wonder twin power

My first sale(s)

I want to thank three incredible friends who purchased the first three 'Growing Snowflowers' dresses from my Etsy shop! Thanks Maia, Yoli and Michelle...you rock! I can't wait to see your girls in the Empress dresses!

20 June 2010

GO KIWIS GOSo the pundits called gave it an 8000:1 chance that NZ would beat the best team in the world...well Italy, how'dya like these apples?! The score New Zealand 1:Italy 1 which in World Cup terms makes our team seem like we just won the entire world cup! Especially since we're not known for our soccer skills...this is the first time in 28 years we've even made it to the Cup! Good job boys!

16 June 2010

jumpin' jellybeans

The 'Abbey Road' dressI've hijacked my own blog to post photos of the dresses I am making for my Etsy store. This is the 'Abbey Road' dress. I love the geometric MOD feel of the fabric. I'm so in love with the 60's era and the clothes that I'm sure I will feature more styles that play around with that feel. Watch out for the 'Twiggy' dress...thats my next creation! ta-da!

10 June 2010

the dragon trainer returns
Daddy has a tattoo...I have a Dragon dress...I think we're even now!
I'm diggin on the winged beasties. The Snowflowers love all things dragonesque, and these dresses are a HUGE hit. I'm selling them on Etsy too! Watch out though, if you wear one, there's an attitude that seems to follow. All powerful, all fearless... Paisley, well...she tames Dragons with her charm, hands behind her back! Did you really expect anything less?

The 'Empress' Dress
this is the 'Empress' dress. So far I have made up samples of the Empress in several different fabrics, all of which have a slightly asian twist. This one is called 'the secret fan', an homage to one of my favorite books by Lisa See(also inspired the name for this blog). I love the giant peonies and chinese fans. They are fully reversible too which means two dresses for the price of one! now listed...here

'scarborough fair' so in this little pursuit of opening an Etsy store, I have come up with a few designs. This is dress one from the aptly named scarborough fair collection...which are all made from linen and cotton and are simple, clean and whimsical. This is the 'sage' design
nothing quite as lovely as a simple linen dress to plant fairy gardens and have the Empress of China over for high tea!
available here

08 June 2010

and this song sums up how we feel for each other! Happy Anniversary Baby...you and me together, we can doing anything!

04 June 2010

recital rehearsal...and the girls were super stoked about getting up on stage. P says she was nervous,
but she managed her cartwheel just fine!
the girls had a lot of fun!
p.s. my kid is seriously not on steroids, I just noticed how ripped her arms are! Good grief Charlie Brown, if only it were genetic!

02 June 2010

Hey Etsy...here I come!So I've decided to open an Etsy store to sell my creations...it's not ready just yet, but in the next few weeks I hope to have it up and running. This style will be my first...it's called the 'Tigerlily' set. I'm checking out some new fabrics and hope to have a bunch in store for purchase and order!

01 June 2010

Hong Kong Fooey
then the big one wanted one...so I found this adorable Hong Kong fabric!
Piper loved Hong Kong and still talks about it to this day, she has the blood of an urban princess my girl does..and this dress made her h.a.p.p.y!

and w.i.n.k.yand...she loves that she can tie the bows herself