22 June 2010

Groovy GirlsLook! There's my Snowflower on the pages of a catalog! Piper did a shoot for Manhattan Toy a month or so ago for the 'groovy girls' a line of awesome dolls. She got to dress up as a superhero...what kid wouldn't want to do that eh!
We really love this company, and knowing that it's out of Minnesota is kind of cool too. As is common in these kinds of shoots, not all the photos get published, so Paisleys photos aren't in this one, but we'll keep you posted as she has a shoot on Thursday for a Nationwide retailer.


Patricia/NYC said...

Love it!!! Adorable!!

k said...

oh i want a copy! so happy for her :)

Yoli said...

Beautiful, they are definately on their way.

Jonni said...

That is awesome Hayley! Congrats to Piper!!! :)