10 June 2010

the dragon trainer returns
Daddy has a tattoo...I have a Dragon dress...I think we're even now!
I'm diggin on the winged beasties. The Snowflowers love all things dragonesque, and these dresses are a HUGE hit. I'm selling them on Etsy too! Watch out though, if you wear one, there's an attitude that seems to follow. All powerful, all fearless... Paisley, well...she tames Dragons with her charm, hands behind her back! Did you really expect anything less?


Jenny F. said...

Wow Hayley! You do amazing work! So proud of you! Now if only I had me some girls... nothing but testosterone round here :)

Casey said...

They are SOOOO adorable. If I wasn't broke, I'd buy one asap. I'll have to save my pennies because I love, love your dresses!! I'm going to put them on my site too. SOOO cute.

Kristin said...

adorable dresses! I also love this haircut, wish Makana would let me cut hers, but she has the long hair bug!