26 June 2010

THE WORLD CUP Soccer rocks
I love this game!
fancy footwork

Today Piper had her soccer club Jamboree which marks the end of the season. It's particularly exciting since it coincides with the actual world cup! Piper scored over 15 goals today in two seperate games, she also set up at least 6 assists!

She has certainly been absorbing some of the tactics of the world cup teams!


One funny thing is when she is running for the ball she roars...yes, I said ROARS...and I think it intimidates the other team a wee bit! It's here version of the NZ rugby teams 'HAKA'


k said...

oh that last photo is PRICELESS! you go Piper with your bad self!

Michelle said...

That's just so cool!!!! And, I LOVE the ice cream photo, too! So precious. Hug them from me!!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

LOVE this! She is such a champ.I love me a tough grrrl!

Jonni said...

How cute is she????? Love me some adorable little Piper. :)