30 June 2008

Stunning Snowflowers

I took the girls a month or so ago for photos at a local mall studio, I really didn't expect much because it's a 'mall' place, but I was pleasantly surprised. Piper & Paisley did really well, and the photos came out so nice that they took one of Piper and framed it in the store! One day I'd like to take them here, but it's a bit pricey so I'll make do with the Mall for now.

27 June 2008

coming home today!
I just had to post this photo of my friend Stef and her husband Chris and their newest son Shepherd...they are on their way home to the USA as I write this and I am so excited to see the first photo of all EIGHT of their kids together! Shepherd is their fourth child from China's waiting child list...and I have to tell you, her commitment and wisdom led Mike and I in our decision to adopt from the 'waiting child' list from China. Congratulations guys, your family is inspirational to so many...including ours.

19 June 2008

dont forget me
I've been with my new family for three months, I've learnt how to sign 'more,eat,drink,milk,Mummy,dog,poop,big,down,up,bath and a few others), I learned how to sit up, then crawl and now I can walk about 8-10 steps at one time before I fall over. I adore my sister Piper...adore her! I love water and bathtime. I am a MEAT eater...I like MEAT. I love my Daddy. I love my bunny. I am finally back to sleeping to 7.30-7.30! I have...wait for it...almost SIXTEEN teeth, eight decided to come in at once, hence the sleep issues. I love riding in the Barbie Jeep with my sister.
Mummy cut my hair today...apparently I had a bit too much 'party' in the back...now I have a bob....who is Bob?
I have too many hats. Lumpy is gone, and all I got was a lousy scar to show for it! I like squeaky shoes...and...
I threw my first 'wobbly'(a tantrum) today...I have an excellent teacher, she is three, so she knows all the good moves.
I am nearly 14 months old...and I poop and pee on the potty 90% of the time.

17 June 2008

finally... a Summer day!

Summer isnt quite the same this year, but on days like today we cant help but enjoy the beauty and simplicity of just hanging out together, inspecting blades of grass and playing on the lawn.

'I am the leaf and the leaf is me'

hibiscus bikini $9.00

gymnastic ribbon from the Tibetan store $8.00

2 hours of running, jumping and flippy ribbon dancing...priceless!

14 June 2008

Tim Russert
1950 - 2008
I am so sad. Tim Russert was a secret 'crush' for the past 17 years! He was high up on my list of awesome people...yep, waaay up there with Jon Stewart and Ed Norton (dont hate me for loving the bookish guys! Clooney & Pitt are pretty to look at but these guys are so smart they make me weak at the knees).
I loved watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings, I loved his enthusiasm and obvious passion for politics. I remember Mike calling me from the airport a few years ago to tell me Tim Russert was there, I was giddy.
The saddest thing is that Tim leaves behind his wife and son and his Dad
Big Russ'. such a sad day for everyone.

12 June 2008

She walks!

okay, it's just two steps, but earlier she walked about 7-8 steps all by herself. It's definately a bit dodgy and I see the potential for a few trips to the ER but SHE WALKS! The Docs thought she would be a really late walker due to the fact that she had loose ligaments from inactivity in China...but a few months of hard yakka(as we say down under), 90% floor time and a big sister to chase around she has surprised us all!

Good going Paisley

(p.s. she's got on an outfit our friends in NH sent us today...along with a tonne of other cool clothes for Paisley..Thanks Ronans!)

11 June 2008

need I say more?
thanks Kris, this made my night!
Gas is over $4 a gallon, and I'm pretty sure we'll look back at this in a year or so and wish for the good old days of '08! Admittedly, gas is still quite a bit cheaper here in the States than in other countries, but it still hurts. What are we doing to conserve? Well, we drive more conservatively, plan our errands so that we dont make repeat journeys...frankly, we drive a heck of a lot less than we used to. We both have AWD vehicles, which in themselves require a little more gas, no, we dont have giant SUV's, Mike has a sedan and I have a Subaru Forester, we don't feel comfortable giving up the safety of the AWD in the snow and ice of Minnesota. We buy as little plastic(petroleum based) products as we can, try to buy sustainable products and watch our carbon footprint(we arent diehards yet but we take note of what our consumption and waste is). Mike has taken the lead, he used to 'follow' my tendency towards organics and locally produced food but now Mike is the green leader in this house! When we buy produce we dont rip off a plastic bag to place the food in, we put it in a reusable bag, and we re-bag it at the checkout...sure we get a few funny looks but I dont want to throw any more plastic bags into our landfills...it's like throwing gas back into the ground(after all many plastics are made from petroleum!)
Mike is also keen on doing things around the house as environmentally soundly as possible...getting rid of the gas powered weed wacker in favor of a good old fashioned manual edger. I swear he'd have solar panels on the house if it made sense financially to do it! The cool thing is that the girls are growing up with this knowledge, Piper already asks what 'Organic' means...so she will know as she grows that there are ways to live without the chemicals that pollute our planet.
So my friends, it's not just about gasoline, it's about the future.

09 June 2008

Eight in '08

yes that's right folks, eight years ago today we were married...aaah, and yet it seems like a million years ago.

Last year we featured a montage of our wedding pictures, but in fact our wedding was seven years ago (2001), and we have been married eight years (2000)...that's right we eloped after knowing each other only 10 months! What fresh young spirits we were back then, full of hope...
we ran off together to Asheville, NC and got hitched at City Hall!
there's so much more to this story, but perhaps another time! Lets just say it involves immigration lawyers, chocolate martinis, bomb sqauds and more...a Lifetime made for television movie if ever there was one!
Happy Anniversary to my best friend and husband, the best is yet to come!

06 June 2008

Grandparents are evil!

well, not really, but when they buy your kid one of these, well, lets just say we started having bad thoughts. The grandchild on the other hand is ECSTATIC!

As recently sleep deprived parents (seven new teeth pushing their way through!) we are exhausted...Piper however thinks this little machine of pain offers the best soundtrack for our lives.

Our little cottage in the country

(aka our backyard playhouse)
Here it is, the girl's new playhouse! Papa David & Mike put it together over Memorial weekend, complete with recycled rubber mulch and flowerpots! It looks welcoming, but we really havent had much of a chance to 'entertain' in it since the weather has been somewhat spotty....like yesterday...Paisley was intrigued by the white stuff hammering down on the sidewalk, Piper less so, she just wants OUT of the house and into this one!

Where oh where is Summer? it's not here....

yesterdays bounty

what the.....???

note: for those who asked, we got the playhouse kit at COSTCO.

03 June 2008