30 January 2010

Understudy no more!One thing Miss Paisley has learnt of late is that playing second fiddle to the big sis isn't always fun. So she is DEMANDING her own spotlight in the stageshow we call life.'See...I can hit the high notes when I want to,
and CHECK OUT my jazz hands baybee!'OH GAWD, I crack myself up!
Carnegie Hall here I come!

29 January 2010

Lady Gaga ate my child!
She must have snuck into our house and whispered avant garde thoughts in my innocent childs ear while she slept...because when she woke up...this happened!and this!
Good grief Charlie Brown, what's a girl to do?

28 January 2010

Secret code cracked by 40" wunderkind
Yesterday I was visiting a blog of a wonderful mom(pw protected) who I deeply admire. Her beautiful daughter and Piper are about the same age, but since she lives in NYC her daughter attends full day Kindergarten(sigh)...I saw that a code breaking exercise had been given to her daughter at school and I thought Piper might enjoy one. I told Miss P about the secret code, and her eyes lit up
(guess I should have read the fine print before I printed these out)
The concept was absorbed in less than 10 seconds and she blew through two worksheets in under 5 minutes! She needed help reading part of the message but was thrilled to pieces with the idea of the decoding secret meassages part. I need an ENTIRE workbook of secret codes! Anyone know of a good resource? I loved this exercise as much as Piper did!

25 January 2010

My First Story...by PiperOnce upon a time the girls sat in the house on the beds and the girls jumped on the beds beds. Piper 5.
This morning Piper came to me and asked if she could write a story, I asked her if she wanted to draw a picture to go with the story and she came up with this little ditty. I gave her absolutely no help spelling but encouraged her to sound out the words. I was super surprised she spelled the word 'jumped' all by herself! I cannot wait for more picture books and stories! Does anyone know if they still sell the exercise books with the space for a drawing and ruled lines for words underneath?

24 January 2010

you WILL want to read this.

22 January 2010

"I want to draw you NOW Daddy!"
Paisley takes drawing seriously...I mean s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y!her medium might not be conventional at this point in the game, but her technique is quite stunning. This 20 second ditty is a portrait of her Daddy. She lay on the ground, looking up at her Daddy for a few seconds, doodle pro pen resting thoughtfully on her bottom lip, then as quick as can be she masterfully rendered this wonderful likeness of her hero...a.k.a. Daddy. I did not teach her how to draw eyes...hello she includes the pupil?, or instruct her how to add eyebrows(even Piper, a pretty decent artist doesn't add eyebrows yet, eyelashes yes...but eyebrows?) I'm so happy both my girls love art, even if it is on a doodlepro!
I think we have a Shel Silverstien fan, and she's never even read one of his books.

19 January 2010

Teddy is rolling in his grave!

18 January 2010

left alone unattended for 37 seconds

13 January 2010

We love you Conan!

Well...no surprise but Mike and I are HUGE Conan O'Brien fans. We're really really bummed at the news that NBC wants to move his show back to make way for Jay Leno's 'new' show. Frankly, I think Jay needs to step aside and let conan do the job he was hired to do. I like Jay, but i don't like him enough to mess with MY CONAN! If the Tonight show is at 12.05am, then it's not really the TONIGHT show is it's the 'Tomorrow Morning show'

I know this isn't important news, but i think it's just crappy...and for the record, not that anyone cares, but if Jay goes back to the Tonight Show and they oust Conan I for one won't be watching out of respect for one of the funniest Irishmen on TV. Go Big Red Go!

11 January 2010

'En Guarde'Apparently, once five you qualify for musketeer school. When Piper opened her gift from Grandad Pete & Nana Jocelyn she immediately yelled "en guarde!" So cute! I see fencing in her future for sure!"Musketeer shoes! No way Jose!""Thanks for my High school Musical shades Paise"
"HANNAH MONTANA FROM NANA!"Letting little sister help unwrap her goodiesI'm not the biggest Barbie fan under normal circumstances, but the Three Musketeer movie is awesome...girl power all the way! Now if someone could tell me how my five year old can do cartwheels in plastic high heels with a sword in her hand how is it that I can't wear anything taller than a 2" heel without falling over myself?

10 January 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER!Well tomorrow is Pipers BIG day...FIVE...I can't believe it!
We have a nice day planned for her, she'll wake up to this bounty from family near and far and very far...talk about spoiled rotten! We have a lovely day planned...Daddy will come home from work early and pick her up from school and take her out for a special hot chocolate together while Mummy and little sister finish decorating the cake! For dinner her favorite people in the world are coming over for pizza and cakeThe 'condo' castle...the princesses are downsizing people..tough times!
Inspired by, but in no way comparable to Tiffany's fabulous cakes!
...then on Saturday it's party time!!! It's going to be an exciting week full of fun and surprises(shhhh, Nana and Auntie Susie are coming out from CO on Friday!).
I am still in shock that Piper is FIVE! I'm so proud of her, she's such a wonderful little girl with the biggest personality in the world, and even though these are days filled with celebrations and all the trappings that come with turning a year older,when Piper blows out her candles I will make a little wish of my own, the same wish I make every year on the same day... to remember her birthmother and wish with all our hearts that we could tell her that her little girl is safe, and loved, and smart, and talented and truly cherished.

09 January 2010

As if the whole Hannah Montana thing wasnt enough, HSM is a favorite too...it's what Grease was to me in the '70's and I loved Grease! The Snowflowers love to put on shows for us every day...Paisley is the most shy child I have ever met, but at home 'on stage' she is as outgoing as her big sister!
"doo doo do do, doo doo do do woo ooh uh uh uh uh"

"you were always there beside me"

I am pretty sure were doomed to a life in the spotlight!

05 January 2010

Best of both worlds...Don't hate me...but I caved to the wants of a soon to be five year old. Yeah, behind this tough exterior I am a soft touch. Piper's 5th birthday is in a week and she has requested a Hannah Montana party...don't think I didn't try to dissuade her, I did...and with much fervour but to no avail. The mere suggestion of having a 'girls rock' party or 'rock star' party was met with raised eyebrows and a bemused look. so...I caved. Thankfully supplies are readily available(I love Target), a few balloons were ordered on eBay and our local party store had the remaining accoutrement's to make the party Miley worthy! Our local grocery store even makes a HM cake so I'm off the hook on that front! This year we invited 6 little girls over to share in the mayhem. Piper also requested a 'surprise party', not sure how one can pull that off if the 'requester' wants to also control the theme...but we do have a few surprises up our sleeve for the big day...including a visit from two very special people from 'out west'.
I'm open for some party game ideas for sugared up five year olds!