05 January 2010

Best of both worlds...Don't hate me...but I caved to the wants of a soon to be five year old. Yeah, behind this tough exterior I am a soft touch. Piper's 5th birthday is in a week and she has requested a Hannah Montana party...don't think I didn't try to dissuade her, I did...and with much fervour but to no avail. The mere suggestion of having a 'girls rock' party or 'rock star' party was met with raised eyebrows and a bemused look. so...I caved. Thankfully supplies are readily available(I love Target), a few balloons were ordered on eBay and our local party store had the remaining accoutrement's to make the party Miley worthy! Our local grocery store even makes a HM cake so I'm off the hook on that front! This year we invited 6 little girls over to share in the mayhem. Piper also requested a 'surprise party', not sure how one can pull that off if the 'requester' wants to also control the theme...but we do have a few surprises up our sleeve for the big day...including a visit from two very special people from 'out west'.
I'm open for some party game ideas for sugared up five year olds!


Patricia/NYC said...

Ahhhh...it's starting already!

Hey, who can resist raised eyebrows & "the look"?! lol!

Kiara is "in love" with Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez...good thing Daddy's in the biz & they just happen to be on his label...shhh...don't tell Miss K that! She'll think they can come over for a playdate! ;)

bondedbyfaith said...

So sorry for posting twice...did not see little green line way far up on my post that says you will read first! Whoops! Need you to come to my home and give me blogging lessons!??!! California is sunny right now!

Loads of Love
Tricia Otto

Michele said...

Ha! I am chuckling a bit here. I'm sure HM grates on your nerves but it hard to resist those pleas. I just hope HM isn't around by the time my Sunshine is that age. But most likely there will be someone else just as annoying.

Kris said...

you are such a cool mum. can't wait to hear all about it once the rockers have their party :O)

Jenny F. said...

too funny Hayley! Ty ALWAYS asks for a surprise party as well! And even has told me where I can "hide" all his friends, and of course that we should yell "surprise"... REALLY loud. This kid is nothing like his mom, who has always hated being the center of attention. Must be a Capricorn thing! Hope Piper's day is every bit as fabulous as she is :)

Carol and Taylor said...

wow. condolences on the unfortunate theme. So far my T is 4.5, and HM isn't on her radar yet. I'm praying it stays that way for a long time!

I'm sure, though, that your girls will have a fab time. Can't wait to see some pics.

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor