11 January 2010

'En Guarde'Apparently, once five you qualify for musketeer school. When Piper opened her gift from Grandad Pete & Nana Jocelyn she immediately yelled "en guarde!" So cute! I see fencing in her future for sure!"Musketeer shoes! No way Jose!""Thanks for my High school Musical shades Paise"
"HANNAH MONTANA FROM NANA!"Letting little sister help unwrap her goodiesI'm not the biggest Barbie fan under normal circumstances, but the Three Musketeer movie is awesome...girl power all the way! Now if someone could tell me how my five year old can do cartwheels in plastic high heels with a sword in her hand how is it that I can't wear anything taller than a 2" heel without falling over myself?


Lee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIPER!!! Looking forward to Saturday. Ellie is officially Muskateer obsessed as well -- I'm on the lookout for the boots, but the sword is great!

Patricia/NYC said...

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, Piper!!!!
Look at that loot!! Sounds like a fabulous day is planned!!

Wishing you all the FUN in the world!!

Kris said...

you and me both- i am all about the flats :O)

what a fantastic bday my niece had

Yoli said...

Happy Birthday PIPER!!!!! Such a beautiful girl! Of course fencing is in your future! I will teach you the way. Love the loot!

Hayley what do you mean you cannot turn a cartwheel on plastic heels and a sword? I think you are afraid to try.

Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! said...

Happy Birthday Piper!!! We hope you had an awesome day :)

We miss you,
Jilli and Dru

Greta's Marathon said...

Your daughter Piper is gorgeous! My daughter (also adopted from China) is turning 5 in February. I am trying to find a way to give her a good party too.

Jonni said...

Your girl rocks and check out those cool shades. Rock on you little muskateer. Hope her bday was awesome but it looks like it was. :)


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Exactly on the heals part!! That is how I feel when I watch Kya ;)

Michele said...

Happy 5ht Birthday Piper. It looks like you had a terrific day.