19 January 2010

Teddy is rolling in his grave!


Casey said...

No kidding!! I feel physically ill over that election. What the hell were they thinking? What gets me is when you read the commentary by some of the liberal voters who claim they are tired of the unemployment rates and economy. Hello? Do we not remember who ran the country for the last eight years?? A man can only do so much in a year.

We were so close to doing the RIGHT thing with heath care. Makes me ill.

bytheriver said...

I don't know about getting close enough on health care. I would still like to see the public option fleshed out. The reasons for unemployment and the bad economy have to do with a lot more than who is currently in the oval office or congress. Its priorities, choices, and assumptions of our society and has a lot to do with voters who don't actually think through more than one or two issues.

Back to the regular programming -That is an extremely good picture by paisly - can hardly believe its from a child so young. Keep the girl drawing and painting as long as she wants.