30 January 2010

Understudy no more!One thing Miss Paisley has learnt of late is that playing second fiddle to the big sis isn't always fun. So she is DEMANDING her own spotlight in the stageshow we call life.'See...I can hit the high notes when I want to,
and CHECK OUT my jazz hands baybee!'OH GAWD, I crack myself up!
Carnegie Hall here I come!


Carrie said...

OMW your poor husband!

Jonni said...

Love it. You go Paisley!!! Lordy, I don't know if Mike is going to be able to deal with all of the divas he's got at home (lol).


Michele said...

I can see her one day on Comedy Central. Her faces are pure funniness.

Kris said...

smart and silly and beautiful. that's paisley.

Erica said...

Oh the drama! Get that girl a stage and mic STAT!

Jonni said...

So cute! I know what you mean, when we brought ammy home she was all shy and withdrawn, well not anymore! She is now competing with Sofia for "airtime". It's so cute.

Paisley looks like an absolute ham. She is such a happy, funny, smart and beautiful little girl. We love your girlies.