10 January 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER!Well tomorrow is Pipers BIG day...FIVE...I can't believe it!
We have a nice day planned for her, she'll wake up to this bounty from family near and far and very far...talk about spoiled rotten! We have a lovely day planned...Daddy will come home from work early and pick her up from school and take her out for a special hot chocolate together while Mummy and little sister finish decorating the cake! For dinner her favorite people in the world are coming over for pizza and cakeThe 'condo' castle...the princesses are downsizing people..tough times!
Inspired by, but in no way comparable to Tiffany's fabulous cakes!
...then on Saturday it's party time!!! It's going to be an exciting week full of fun and surprises(shhhh, Nana and Auntie Susie are coming out from CO on Friday!).
I am still in shock that Piper is FIVE! I'm so proud of her, she's such a wonderful little girl with the biggest personality in the world, and even though these are days filled with celebrations and all the trappings that come with turning a year older,when Piper blows out her candles I will make a little wish of my own, the same wish I make every year on the same day... to remember her birthmother and wish with all our hearts that we could tell her that her little girl is safe, and loved, and smart, and talented and truly cherished.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Eve sweet Piper girl! I hope your day is FULL of fun! Wish we lived close so we could celebrate with you....I just have a feeling that you and Viv would totally hit it off!


tiffany said...

Everything looks great! Your cake is FAB. A very Happy Birthday to that sweet girl of yours! xo

Kris said...

wish so much i was there to give her a squeeze.

what an incredible cake!!!

give a kiss to Piper for me :O) cannot BELIEVE she's five already!!!!!!!

Yoli said...

That cake is lovely! I am sure today she is having an amazing time.

Jonni said...

Happy belated birthday sweet Piper! WOW, that is one ab-fab cake too. Hope your day was as wonderful and sweet as you are sweet baby girl.


Michele said...

Great job with the cake. I'm sure she loved it.