29 June 2006

cor blimey Mum! pigtails? What will you torture me with next?

Okay, so I wasn't really sure what was going on, but Mummy & Daddy thought it would be fun to try me on the kiddie slide. Daddy took me up on the platform and before I knew it ...whooooooosssssh I was in Mummy's arms at the bottom. A bit scarey but I said 'more' and we tried it again...this time Daddy caught me and I wheeeeeee'd all the way down. How old do you have to be to enter 'Fear Factor'?

This is the magnificent slide...it's really much bigger and scarier in person. Cameras sometimes don't capture the true essence.

check out my very florida inspired flamingo swimmies...I am Stylin! Nana Pam got them for me, they're still a little big but I'll be able to wear them in New Zealand in February.

On the way home from WV we stopped at the Wisconsin Dells...basically the Las Vegas of water parks. We stayed at a log cabin resort and had a great time in the water park that was part of the hotel. There were so many things to do, Mummy and Daddy each took turns going down the slides and I got to run through the water spouts. I wasn't very keen on the big bucket of water so Mummy and Daddy took me to check out the wave pool instead...D-U-D-E!

There just aren't enough hours in a day! I did my best to stay up, but I couldn't do it. My first big party and I was in bed at 8pm. Must try to pace myself next time.

Daddy got to hang with some of his buddies.

Family portrait!

Things I learned from my Poppy.

1. whiskers are scratchy
2. there is always beer at Poppy's house
3. never buy a LCD TV the day before a big party and expect support from your spouse when you want to put it together!
4. big tv's are VERY cool....I didn't get to see the Wiggles on it though, but check out the size of that bug!

Poppy got a grill for his wedding pressie from Mummy & Daddy and Auntie Laura and Uncle Phill. He looks good in Stainless Steel don't you think! Much better than a ceramic toilet paper swan for the bathroom!

My Poppy is nice. He has scratchy whiskers. Mummy & Daddy got him this t-shirt when he told us he was getting married. He wore it to the party!

C'mon Piper, come and give me a kiss!

Rhys! I'm not kissing that! Boys are so juvenile! Especially 2 year olds.

We went on adventures through the back yard at the courtesy of De-de's nieces Regan and Olivia. By the way, big kids rock! They can pull you in the cart for hours and not get tired!

We tinkled the ivories. We are expecting a call from the folks at Carnegie Hall any day now.

We watched movies and shared 'pirate booty' - a slightly gross healthy kiddie snack that could possible pass as popcorn. Okay, it wont pass the 'tastes just like popcorn' test, but don't rain on our parade...we both enjoy it!

hmmm...somehow I think I got the raw deal here! Okay, so Rhys is older but I'm not quite sure why he gets the motorized version and I get the 'Daddyhorsepower' model. It was fun to hang out with my cousin. He is a blast!

At last we arrived in WV! I got to see Nana Pam and David and Grandma too! There are five generations of Hoppes on the sofa...Daddy says there is really only four but I like to include 'Ollie'. Nana has an awesome little red roadster car that I love! I'm going to be the next big thing in the racing world. Check out my confidence...#1!! Grandma is going to be my pitman!

On the drive down we stopped at Auntie Susie's house in Ohio...she has a pool! We all went for a swim...I LOVED it! I didnt want to get out but we had to get back on the road. We also stopped for ice cream at a farm in Indiana...I should have brought my gumboots!

There is a legend in New Zealand, a fair dinkum kiwi farmer called 'Fred Dag', this is my tribute to a classic man and his love for gumboots.

I'm pretending that the cows need to be brought in from the back paddock and milked! Mummy said Nana Rosemary would enjoy this picture, because Mummy's favorite thing to wear was her gumboots too...and nothing else!

Last week we drove to West Virginia, we went to see Poppy and De-de, they had a big party to celebrate Poppy retiring AND getting married! Mummy and Daddy decided to drive...it was 1000 miles, about 16 hours in the car...EACH WAY! We decided to take Daddy's car, it's much more comfortable.

Mummy asked me to help pack. she picked out some cute clothes for me to take, I decided I am big enough to choose my own shoes. Apparently Mummy doesnt think I am. I thought my buzzy bee gumboots were quite lovely with my white dress.

12 June 2006


For those of you without Antipodean or English bloodlines you must understand that Marmite is the lifeblood of any good home in the Southern Hemisphere, or Vegemite for those Aussies out there. My Grandad Pete sends Mummy jars and jars of the black sticky magic for my toast. Daddy thinks it repulsive, but Mummy and I revel in it's delightful aroma and magnificent taste!

I will be getting my New Zealand citizenship in the next few months...and I do believe marmite consumption is a requirement. I must tell my cousin Rhys...I'm not sure if his Daddy has him eating Marmite yet.


On Friday it was Mummy and Daddy's SIXTH anniversary, I called up the babysitters to come over and told the folks to go out for the evening. I really like the girls next door, they are really fun. Mum & Dad went to a movie and dinner and got home pretty late. I woke up so I could hear about the movie...apparently they didn't want to tell me about it which is quite rude since I was the one that suggested it in the first place. I decided to serenade them with my renditions of row row row the boat and the wheels on the bus until the wee small hours. Kids are cute huh!

I, Miss Piper Lily Hannah Hoppe plan on becoming the first Asian/American/Kiwi female bullrider..and this my friends and fans is where one must start! Wrangling the wild and wiley vacuum! I managed to stay on the full 8 seconds as required by the international bullriders association. I was however disqualified on a technicality...apparently our whisper quiet kenmore vaccum is not of the appropriate bovine species!

humph....fickle pickle!

I have to tell you, I had a chat with Mummy this week about updating the blog as I think she is becoming a little remiss on the entries...she has promised to post more regularly.

I used this face....it helped! I tried to tell her that it was my only passport to the world outside Wisteria Lane...oops I mean McKnight Circle!

03 June 2006

I know this was a few weeks ago, but I thought you might like to see me multi-tasking in the hotel bathroom!

Last night we went to Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka for dinner, we ate sushi at Yumis, it was delicious! I ate rice, chicken and miso soup. Me so crazy for miso!

Daddy saw a lot of fancy cars...there was about a million dollars worth in about 60 feet of sidewalk...crazy huh!

Nana Pam would be proud...I am researching. I'm not sure what I'm researching but I know I'm good at it. Consumer Reports is very interesting you know.