22 March 2006

This one is very special...we couldn't get it 'just' right but this is Mummy's dress from her first photo shoot when she was my age. I cant wait to see us side by side. We'll be asking Nana Rosemary to send a copy of Mummys pictures!

We do like these ones....I love my princess dress...can't wait for summer so I can actually wear it! I had a fleeting 2.4 seconds of semi calmness...thank goodness for fast shutter speeds!

So..a couple of weeks ago Mummy took me to a nice lady to have my pictures taken. I was not in a great mood so 99% of the pictures are a bit awful. We salvaged a couple that are tearless. I really didn't have much fun....my plans of being Americas next top model are OVER! Daddy says we'll go back in the summer.

17 March 2006

This is where it goes!

Someone thought this might be funny...I dont! I know exactly where my potty seat goes...and it isnt where Mummy put it for this photo! Sometimes my parents are such juveniles!

16 March 2006

I'm training to be a rock star!

Daddy gives me most of my baths and likes to style my locks into creations that would make Billy Idol happy! He called Mummy upstairs for this one! Mummy just laughed...I think it's undignified to laugh at one's child when naked and vunerable!

Can someone tell me who Billy Idol is? If so we need to talk!

13 March 2006


I can sign the word 'poo', and when Mummy asks me if I need to do a poopy I can say yes! We have gone potty 12 days in a row on the big potty. I need a potty seat because I nearly fall in. Mummy wasnt prepared for me to want to potty train so early! I told her, "hey, it's fun right now, the novelty will wear off and I'll go back to using my diaper!" but for now I'm a mean lean poopin machine!

I even want to flush the toilet myself! well I know where the flusher is...and I WANT to flush!

Mummy still needs to order a potty that sits on the floor because I cant climb up to the big toilet by myself. I did give her a bit of a scare by seeing if I could fly off the toilet...apparently I can't fly...I have the bruise on my forehead to prove it!

Daddy is impressed! I'm only 14 months old! I told him that if I keep it up that I want 'Wiggles' undies!


My first experience in a swing! After Grandma Hoppe's funeral we went to the park to blow off some steam. It was a really sunny day and I loved the swings! I want one in my back yard but Daddy isnt sure where to put it? We might have to do some research on swings first.

I reeeeaaaaallly love swings! I loved the sunshine too...it was the first sign of Spring...but we came home to Minnesota and got a bunch of snow so I don't think I'll be out without a coat for a while!

Sad news...

Last week my Great Grandma Hoppe passed away. She was 87. Mummy and Daddy and I went to Iowa to her funeral. It was very sad but nice. The organ lady played some nice songs and we all sang and wished Grandma all the best now that she was going to see Grandpa Wally up in Heaven. I got to meet my cousin Belle, she is a bit older than me but lots of fun. I also got to meet my second cousins..three of the cutest boys in the State of Iowa! I got to meet Auntie Laura for the first time, she's nice, she has a baby in her tummy. I'm pretty sure that it's a baby? Thats what they tell me anyway! I didnt get to meet Rhys or Uncle Phill but I got to see Poppy, Dede and Auntie Susie too. We're back home now and I'm pretty worn out, so no photos just yet.