13 March 2006

Sad news...

Last week my Great Grandma Hoppe passed away. She was 87. Mummy and Daddy and I went to Iowa to her funeral. It was very sad but nice. The organ lady played some nice songs and we all sang and wished Grandma all the best now that she was going to see Grandpa Wally up in Heaven. I got to meet my cousin Belle, she is a bit older than me but lots of fun. I also got to meet my second cousins..three of the cutest boys in the State of Iowa! I got to meet Auntie Laura for the first time, she's nice, she has a baby in her tummy. I'm pretty sure that it's a baby? Thats what they tell me anyway! I didnt get to meet Rhys or Uncle Phill but I got to see Poppy, Dede and Auntie Susie too. We're back home now and I'm pretty worn out, so no photos just yet.

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