10 June 2010

'scarborough fair' so in this little pursuit of opening an Etsy store, I have come up with a few designs. This is dress one from the aptly named scarborough fair collection...which are all made from linen and cotton and are simple, clean and whimsical. This is the 'sage' design
nothing quite as lovely as a simple linen dress to plant fairy gardens and have the Empress of China over for high tea!
available here


Yoli said...

Linen is the best fabric for all seasons. This is beautiful and that style will be a hit in different patterns.

Lost and Found said...

Love linen! What a sweet dress

Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! said...

Your designs and fabric choices are gorgeous!! I cannot wait for your "store" to open :) Please hurry!!

Take care,

bytheriver said...

Hardly recognized this snowflower - how she has grown. Nice dress too.