21 March 2010

I've always had this question...why is it that in the United Kingdom it's the Church that favors National Healthcare and petitions the government to maintain coverage for it's people, but here in the USA it's the religious right that rally to deny it's fellow citizens the same coverage? Interesting question.
It's not about government funded abortion people, it's about making sure people don't DIE because they can't get care! It's making sure that Insurance companies can't deny someone coverage because they were born or developed a 'condition' that they feel would cost them to much to manage. It's about doing the right thing.
My Jesus - Your Jesus...different dudes me thinks.


Michelle said...


bytheriver said...

Don't understand christians who can't see that children are suffering from a lack of care, that state budgets are cut beyond the bone and that those who most need medical care often cannot qualify. The system of men is not perfect, but that does not mean we should not attempt to improve it.

Calico Sky said...

Just watching it now! I've been polling people here (UK) and Canadian friends who are Christian. Some of these people are *very* conservative - no birth control at all, dressing like Dug*ar family (in fact they are friends), no debt, no swimsuits etc and you know what? THEY ALL THING FREE HEALTH CARE IS A BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE AND CAN NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE US IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WHERE CHRISTIAN LOBBY GROUPS AREN'T BEHIND IT!!!

So so happy today!!!

I can't tell you how happy I was to get your email, I lept for joy!

Two Kayaks said...

One GIANT leap!

Greta's Marathon said...

I do not understand the complaints against health care reform either. I don't know how it can be bad for our country to have healthier people and more people who aren't worried about what would happen if they got sick.