12 March 2010

ZOO-BE-DOO Yesterday was a very very rainy day. We decided to go to the Zoo. Hmm, nothing says fun day at the Zoo like 37 degrees and mass precipitation! There were of course 'preparations' to be made, which included a trip to Target(aaah, Target, everything in life is solved by a trip to retail mecca!). Okay, I have to admit, there were actually TWO trips to TWO different Targets but that's just what it took to get Mum and Piper new gumboots for the excursion! Thanks to our friend Ellie, Paisley had quite a smart pair of gumboots for puddle splashin
..which I might add was one of the predetermined activities for our visit!
"See my flash boots Mumma!"
Even though we packed our 'organic' lunch, someone convinced Mummy that a bag of cotton candy was essential to their enjoyment of the day! hmmm... gross. Turns out even the hardiest Minnesotan thought a trip to the Zoo in the rain is madness so we practically had the entire outside to ourselves,
"hello?? anyone there??"
The girls had a blast splashing their way from the Sea Otters to the Takin, they rode on the monorail, saw Wolverines and Bald Eagles on the Minnesota Trail, and at Piper's insistance, we had to visit the 'dragons'...I'll tell you a little story about that later, but turns out the lesson in mythology wasn't necessary due to the fact that our Zoo DOES have dragons, two kinds in fact!, just not the ones Mummy thought she was talking about!
Meet Mr Tortoise
3.5 hours and three pairs of sopping socks later, time to go.
I'm disappointed with my photos because I took my poxy pocket camera that has seen better days, so if anyone can recommend a pocket camera that takes awesome photos let me know!


Lee said...

What, no photo of Paisley in her boots?! So glad you are getting use out of them. Ellie wore them exactly twice, and once was in a pinch during a snowstorm when her snow boots were at school...

Patricia/NYC said...

Awwww...I wanted to see Paisley's boots! I see Piper is sportin' that super cute kitty...Miss K has the same ones.

The blue tongue says it all! ;)
Still my favorite color food group (!!)...yes, I was "that child"...got the dental work to prove it! ;)

Kris said...

EEEK. in m-n-m's words: "too cold, too cold!"

glad you guys had fun in spite of the weather. wish i had camera suggestions...

Calico Sky said...

It took me a minute to figure out what gum boots were, which made me smile and miss my NZ and Oz friends who say gum shoes, gum boots etc. Here we just say wellies ;0)

They look as adorable as ever!

Lee said...

Hey, thanks for adding the new boots shots in, just for me and Patricia!

Jonni said...


The girls looks adorable in their rain gear and hope you guys had a blast. I am so sick of this cold weather up here. Will it just be Spring already???????