26 February 2006

What a weekend! First Daddy gets his haircut, then I got my very first trim...it's not officially my first haircut because in China I had my head shaved several times, but this was my first time where it was for cuteness! Amanda is the lovely lady who cut my hair...I like her...she smells nice! Mummy took me to Caribou Coffee for a drink first, apparently I'm not allowed coffee just yet, but I like to pretend I'm a grown up! Daddy doesnt talk in the mornings without his coffee so it must be pretty magical stuff!

We had a busy busy day, we visited lots of fun shops, we went to a special kids bookstore called 'Wild Rumpus', they have lots of really fun birds in cages and they even have a fluffy white chicken for the kids to pet. I got to pat the chicken very gently, Mummy and Daddy got upset when a big boy came and squeezed the chicken too hard...we left before the 'chicken protection society' came to get him! Then we went to a really fun store where they were having a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' party. It was CRAZY! Mummy dropped my name into a fishbowl, it had something to do with a prize drawing for Thomas stuff...she said we'd have to mortgage our house to get all the stuff...but luckily we won the prize and will go back next weekend to pick up our Thomas starter set!

I had an awesome day, lots of fun. Mummy and Daddy seemed a bit tired by the time we came home. Me too.

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