01 December 2005

Wow! It's December already? We have been home for just over two weeks and loving every minute of it. The first few nights were crazy! Trying to help Piper adjust to the time change and her new surroundings was a challenge. By day four we had her in a routine...yay! Piper is a creature of habit, she sleeps from 7.30pm to 7.30am and takes a lovely 2 hour nap in the daytime. Mummy is very proud of her!

We have also made leaps and bounds in a lot of other areas; Piper had never tried solid food so we started her off on pureed pears, apples, carrots etc...once she got the hang of that she started munching on all other available foods...she even enjoyed a mashed version of Thanksgiving dinner...minus the gravy! Now she is eating pretty much everything she can get her hands on...with eight teeth nothing is too much for this little foodie.

Nana Pam and David visited us on thanksgiving which was fun...Piper decided to shock us all and said 'Nana' for the first time. She really loves her new Grandparents and enjoyed spending the weekend with them.

One thing we have learnt is that our little girl is a social butterfly, at her happiest when surrounded by throngs of people, grownups and kids alike. Spending all day at home with Mummy can be pretty boring so we make sure we hit the coffee shop and Target a couple of times a week to spice things up.

In the New Year we will be looking for a music class, kindermusik or music together for Piper to attend, she loves music of all kinds.

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Michael, Shelby & Charlotte said...

they dont look impressed....although can you send the recipe?