10 July 2006

So far no posts in July and I'm 18 months old tomorrow! Mummy had a bit of a brain drain and was thinking I was still only 17 months old! Now she realizes that I am a whole year and a half and is stunned!

This past week or so has been interesting, I'm trying out all sorts of words and sentences. I managed a short sentence or two, not quite Shakespeare but I'm getting there! Me sock feet on. Please more mummy gapes(grapes). and my favorite poo poo peepee please. 'Daddy wok(work) bye bye' is also a good one. I can say pull-up, shirt, pants, sock, shoe, it's all about fashion darhlings!

Today we went to the Dr's to check out the raw mess of blisters on my feet...I don't know what's up with that but it's some kind of crazy excema/dermatitis and the Dr said it's fairly rare but I have special cream that makes it feel much better, hopefully I'll be back on pointe in a week or so!

On the weekend we saw Matt & Rachel, we met them at Brits pub so we could watch the World Cup final, it was hot and we sat outside on the lawn bowls green to watch on a big screen...I love to kick the ball around but watching a whole game was a bit boring. I decided to introduce myself to the 400 spectators one by one. Daddy calls that networking.

I will make sure mummy gets cracking with the camera...I'm growing like a weed!

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