07 April 2006

A little Disaster!

Spring is here, and coupled with the promise of longer brighter and warmer days. We have been blessed with April showers...or shall I redefine...April 'torrents of doom'!
Yesterday a wicked storm passed through and we got HAMMERED..again! Mummy and Daddy were very upset. The power went out and our sump pump failed...results: a basement with 2" of standing water! Mummy called the emergency clean up people who came out pretty quickly, they ripped up all the carpet and took away the pad. We have to wait to see if the carpet needs to be replaced or if it can be saved.
Daddy went to Home Depot and bought a generator. He said that there were other Daddy's there in the same 'boat'...Mummy had to laugh.

Our neighbors got a bit luckier than us, the family to the left said they just caught it in time. Daddy thinks we have a bit of a landscaping issue and we need to re-grade a part of the yard.

I guess our house is crazy, all the furniture from downstairs is now in the living and dining rooms, it looks like we just moved in!

Mummy and Daddys drank a whole bottle of wine and when one of the guys cleaning up asked where Daddy was from he said IOWA! Daddy's from West Virginia...must have been pretty good wine huh!

Tomorrow will be really fun!

I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments yesterday, the storm was a bit scary, but I was very brave and pooped on the potty IN THE DARK! Now thats incredible!

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