25 April 2006

My first Easter...

Talk about fun! I spent the days with Mummy and Daddy over at our neighbors house, we had a big Italian Easter lunch with the most yummy lasagne and then all the kids went outside to hunt for eggs...I got the idea really quickly and filled my basket! Daddy was helpful, but I spotted those eggs like a hawk. Mummy bought me some a few weeks ago so I went into training...Daddy was surprised that I could hold my basket, walk through the grass AND collect eggs all at the same time...c'mon Daddy, I'm a girl! We multi-task!

The best thing was finding out that the eggs had m&m's inside them...little candy coated drops of chocolate love!mmmmmm...I had a few, then they mysteriously disappeared?? I liked m&m's but I haven't seen anymore of them for weeks??

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