23 May 2006

aaaaah, it's good to be home! On Monday morning we had our first 'post placement' visit. China wants to see how I am adjusting to Mummy and Daddy. I like our Social Worker Ava, she is really nice. I let her know I'm doing just great, but if she can do something about the international chocolate shortage that Mummy has been telling me about I'll be happy. I must learn how to write so that I can inform our congressman about this crisis. All I have left are memories of the chocolate ladybug I enjoyed...mmmm, I love 'chocies'. Mummy tells me that fruit is nature's chocolate. I'm not convinced!

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Michael, Shelby & Charlotte said...

I am not either..don't believe her Piper. My Mom and Dad tell me I am allergic to chocolate and I am not convinced of that.