08 May 2006

Hmmmm...when I hear the word 'babysitter' I'm pretty sure there's something fishy going on!

Mummy & Daddy got a babysitter on Saturday night, I like her, she's very nice...but I'm not so keen on the folks when they LEAVE ME WITH HER! Thankfully I went to bed a few minutes after she arrived, Daddy put me to bed so I figured that I was okay and went to sleep. Mummy and Daddy went to a Virginia Tech Alumni Wine & Cheese night. They came home with a big basket of goodies that they won in a raffle.

I'm thinking of punishing them for leaving me with a sitter...even though I wasn't really aware of it, it's the principal of the thing!

When Mummy came home she checked in on me...apparently Mummy and I sleep like we are in a wrestling match! We both get tangled up in the sheets...worth a picture!

Tomorrow I will be naughty!

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