15 November 2009

aww c'mon Paisley...don't go Yoko on us now!
I had exactly five minutes to take photos today...there had been no naps...and a fairly large amount of non-compliance. Yep, a photographers dream. I took 20 photos in quick succession and decided to pack it in and try again next week. I even tried bribery...but that didn't work at all.
I did get these ones after I announced that we were going inside...This is why even the bravest mummy with a camera calls in favors when it's time to take pics of her own kids!


Yoli said...

You got the jackets! How did you find them? They are so hard to find. They look fantastic.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Sophie's jacket is on the way:) Should be here next week.

Yoli just start calling the stores. I found Sophie's in Atlanta...if it is a must have check ebay.

Michele said...

I'm surprised that they'd prefer to be inside instead of outside. My kid is just the opposite.

Snowflowers Mum said...

oh no, don't get me wrong, my kids will play outside until the last shred of sunlight, it was the combination of no nap, 45 degrees and a mother who wanted to take photos!