24 November 2009

this stinks...again.
We found out today that there would be no pay raises at my husbands work. This comes as quite the blow as last years were also non-existent. We have a huge year ahead as far as expenses go and we are going to have to rethink sending Piper to Chinese Immersion preschool. We are going to talk to the Principal and Director of the program and see whether the half day program is an option, but...when I spoke to the Principal a few months ago she recommended we do the full day program as their Kindergarten operates on a full day 100% curriculum, and she would miss out on HALF of what the other children learn. We really don't want to back out now, but the full day is as expensive as private school and without even a cost of living increase we are doubtful we can afford it.
I'm going to look at a few of our local schools regular programs...we want to make sure Piper gets the challenge she needs in a warm and nurturing environment. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, but it'll be okay, she'll thrive in whatever environment as long as she's learning.
At this rate we'll probably never get back to New Zealand, but education has to come first, especially since children here don't go to school on their 5th birthday, but have to wait until the year they are 5 by September 1. The regular school program will only be a half day, at this stage thats all the State wants to pay for, so Piper will be 6.5 years old before she sees a full day of school! I'm going to have to do more homeschooling than I thought. Also with our pediatrician and several other 'professionals' urging us to enroll Piper into a full day program because of her aptitude we feel 2.5 hours of school a day just isn't enough...either way you spin this cat it means we'll be paying some major moola!


C'est moi said...

Praying for the principal to throw something your way so Piper can stay...this economy sucks.

Jill said...

That really sucks Haley. Sorry to hear it.

Mark keeps getting his pay cut. To the point we are having trouble making ends meet with just everyday bills. It blows! I get you! TOTALLY!

Michele said...

This does suck royally for you but C hasn't seen a raise in two years either. We're not surprised.

I hope you can find ways to make it all work.

Kris said...

this is major suckage. and we need to do a damn FUNDRAISER to get you home i swear. you so deserve it.

karrie said...

Sorry to hear this, Hayley. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more commonplace and I'm afraid some of it is related to the recession, but other businesses? Not so sure.

Are you still PBing or are charging for your services now? This might give you a chance to market your skill more.

Casey said...

We feel your pain. Last year dh didn't get a raise but a slight furlow so we are hoping we don't see another furlow at the end of the fiscal year. Stinks. Hopefully there is a light... somewhere??