30 August 2009

Lil Punk!I thought I'd take Piper out for a back to school photo shoot. She's still all bitten up, but the swelling is down and she is back to her spunky self(thanks to some sleep!) She is such a fun kid to photograph...when I asked her what she will do when her teacher asks her to do something...she did this.

always laughing the kid is destined for great things!


Chinazhoumom said...

Hi there
Can you please tell me how you got your daughter into modeling - we live in FL - so not like being in LA or NY - just thought you may have some pointers...
Thanks for any assistance ( your daughter is adorable!)
Carol in FL
my email is at my blog (or you can just post there...)(if you have a moment-thank you!)

Barbara said...

I think you need to tell the principal to put your phone number on speed dial - worked for me! ;)
Love the outfit! And especially the cutie.

Calico Sky said...

She is absolutely headed towards great things!

So glad she is sleeping! Bless her!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Love that first picture. LOVE it. She's so bad-ass.

DiJo said...

In your words to me, "you nailed it!" These are fantastic of Piper!


Jonni said...

So adorable and great pics Hayley. You do such a great job.