08 August 2009

Little girl lost
This little girl was adopted by an American family in China a week ago. Her parents are being forced to leave her behind because the US Consulate will not issue a VISA or a WAIVER to enter the USA due to the fact she has TB. The parents were never told she had TB, at the physical in Guangzhou they did a TB test and it came back positive. Turns out the Orphanage KNEW and didn't share this fact with the CCAA or the US agency. The little girl Harper has been legally adopted by her new parents and is no longer a ward of the Chinese State...she is in effect a lost child, her birth country no longer bears responsibility for her, and her new parents are not allowed to bring her back to her new home and country. She is NOT CONTAGIOUS! The CDC refuses to issue a waiver to allow her to come home to receive the rest of the treatments she needs.

Lets just get some perspective here...NO ONE other than adopted children are required to take a TB test prior to entrance to the USA...NO ONE! That means that many people come into the USA either with active or inactive Tuberculosis! Why is it that the CDC can't grant a waiver for this child so she can come to the USA and receive the rest of her treatments? She is four years old...the same age as Piper. She is a little girl who finally has a family and the bureaucratic paper pushers at the CDC are utterly and completely at fault for not seeing the damage they are doing to this family. If this new TB screening was part of the pre-adoptive process then this poor child and her new family would have had the knowledge and ability to organize options for her care prior to travel. Makes me so angry.

To those who have commented and judged the family for leaving Harper I am incensed at your inability to have empathy for those families who work many jobs, save for years and mortgage their homes to afford to bring a child home. I know for a fact if it were us, it would have been impossible to stay, we just wouldn't have the financial ability to stay for 4-6 months.

This beautiful child is not just a statistic, she needs her Mommy and Daddy...the first REAL parents she has ever known. You can read about Harper here AND if anyone knows Hillary Clinton please alert her to this story. If Bill can rescue two journalists from North Korea then bringing Harper home will be a cakewalk!

Harper gets her new name from the novel 'To kill a mockingbird' by Harper Lee, her Dad Jay hopes there will be an advocate out there for Harper...she needs an Atticus!

I guess there is something to say about discrimination starts at home.

IMO a child adopted in a foreign country by US citizen/s should not have to 'immigrate'(need entry visas), but should be a full citizen at the swearing in ceremony(Guangzhou)and receive a US passport before travel....I've always asked that question but no one could tell me why it happens that way since the first step on US soil is in fact the Consulate/Embassy.


Patricia/NYC said...

Thanks for posting this, Hayley. It is truly unbelievable. MANY children test positive for TB & it doesn't necessarily mean they have it...it could be latent TB, but it also could be a positive reaction due to the BCG shot, which China still gives to all children. I am INCENSED that the U.S. is denying the VISA because of this. There MUST be a way to get this little girl home NOW!

Jodi said...

We adopted our daughter from China in June. She is also TB positive, not active. China however, did not do a TB there (PPD Postive), we found out after we got her home. She is on meds for 9 months, and a chest x-ray every year from now. She also has cleft lip and palate has been to Georgetown and is having surgery at John Hopkins Sept.1st. It didn't seem to be a big deal to any of the surgeons. I don't know what the issue is here. Please keep us posted and let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Jodi and Dennis said...

Do you know how to get in touch with the couple? I work in DC (have numerous contacts on the Hill - and a few in the State Dept.) and may be able to help.

If you send them my email address I can see what I can do. (jodianddennis@mac.com).

It would be helpful to know which city/state they reside in, b/c I can focus on the specific office.


Lost and Found said...

This is a tragedy and your words and sentiments capture how so many of us feel. I could never stay in China for weeks no matter what the love I felt.

Kris said...

The fact is she has ALREADY been treated, already had NEGATIVE SMEAR TESTS that the CDC would NOT ACCEPT. This is an injustice because had this child been BORN IN CHINA TO these parents as their BIO child, these STANDARDS would NOT APPLY, so this is absolute DISCRIMINATION against their ADOPTED DAUGHTER, who should NO LONGER be TREATED AS AN IMMIGRANT.

YES. I'm angry. The laws/rules need to change. Furthermore, children with active disease RARELY (and I mean SO SO rarely) are able to spread it. Read the facts. The CDC knows this. And I go back to my original point, she was already under treatment, her sputum was already testing negative AND her chest xrays were showing the disease was clearing.

Kris said...

oh and don't get me started on people judging this family. walk a mile in someone else's shoes, period, before you start judging another.

Sally said...

This is such a sad story. I am praying that they are able to get her home soon. Here is a link to the family's blog for the previous commenter....wasn't sure if you had that.http://jayscruggs.livejournal.com/
He also has a link to the petition to change the law.

DiJo said...

Well said Hayley!!!

Praying for Harper and the Scruggs Family!!!!

I also signed the petition for this ridiculous and outrageous mandate!


Yoli said...

Very well said. I do hope it gets to Hilary. This child needs to come home.