29 August 2009

when Daddy is in chargethis happens'
We are thinking of doing a show on TLC called 'Minnesota Ink, the kid has some serious tattoo talent. She even did each individual fingernail and 'lipstick'....I tell ya, turn around for 30 seconds and you get a surprise!


Michelle said...

Ummmmmm.........I'm thinking that took a little longer than 30 seconds! Hee. But talented she is!

Michele said...

Oh boy. Lock up your makeup NOW! I sure hope those were washable markers.

Kris said...

Minnesota Ink does have a nice ring to it :O) Oh Paisley!

Calico Sky said...

I vote Daddy is left in charge more often. I love this look!

Hmm....maybe instead of Miami Ink it should be Paisley Ink!


Lost and Found said...

Oh My! love that girl

Jonni said...

So cute! I like that idea about Minnesota Ink. Paisley could show em how it's done. :)