08 February 2010

In an effort to manage our household budget, we are going back to meal planning. We have found that if we plan ahead our grocery bills are much lower and that we end up having much better meals as well. Since it's so snowy outside I decided to make today a cooking day...I started by cracking open the Pioneer Woman's cookbook to one of my favorite chili recipes...I just 'organic-ize' it for our family. I always feel her recipes are easily changed to accommodate whatever needs you might have, and since we had Bison in our freezer I made Bison Chili instead of Beef Chili...mmmmmmmm...yum.I love this recipe, it's really easy and delicious, and makes enough for TWO family meals plus a few 'lunches' for Mike to take to work.

MONDAY - red wine chicken with creamy risotto & carrots
TUESDAY - leftover pot roast on ciabatta rolls with gravy and mashed potatoes
WEDNESDAY - bison chili with blue cornbread
THURSDAY - taco salad
FRIDAY - chicken spaghetti with salad
SATURDAY - fish & chips
SUNDAY - V-Day, going out to Salut with the gift certificates Poppy & Dede gave us for Christmas...yummo!
this is a pretty meat heavy week for us, I'm not sure why? Perhaps the weather? Paisley will be thrilled, chili is one of her favorite dishes! Both girls love the PW's chicken spaghetti, we tend to do it once or twice a month on Fridays and skip the cooking of a whole fryer, and buy a rotissere chicken from the supermarket instead...saves on dishes AND the store has a Friday special on all rotissere chickens...the 5 buck cluck! See...money savin' all over the place!


Patricia/NYC said...

I haven't made her chili yet, but it has been "calling me"...will definitely try it this week! Looks great!! And yes, I'm with ya on the spices!!

Also, thanks so much for you comforting comment last week...I really appreciate it through this time.

C'est moi said...

Yummy menu! We hit the same road three weeks ago with menu planning to save money and its been great, what a difference to the weekly budget. I made a chicken masala last week and the spices just perfumed the house for days it was great and a real incentive to keep cooking. It's also helped with Joes luches as I can plan what to do with the leftovers and get any extras I need to change em up for the next day.

Michele said...

They all sound yummy. I need to plan the menu more too. But I don't have the freezer space I need to do it how I'd like to. I am looking at getting one though.