22 September 2009

Ten Tiny Toes rocks the shizzle!
My friend Amy is starting her own photography business and I happily offered up the Snowflowers to her for her portfolio...lets just say...the chick has some serious talent!
Of course, Miss Piper come ALIVE like Frankensteins monster in front of the camera...
Paisley, well she prefers laughter over all other things!
Rockin' it 2 year old style!
Glammin' it up for the water shot...of course. This kid could sell ice to an eskimo with that face!
snowflower sisters...too sweet.
If you live in the Twin Cities I highly recommend
Amy is a wonderful photographer with a real knack with the kiddos! I can't thank her enough for these wonderful shots of the girls! I'm suck a lucky Mummy.


Casey said...

Beautiful!! I'd buy the ice!!

Lost and Found said...

I spy MJ. Love those girlies!

Michele said...

All of them are terrific.

Jonni said...


These images are beautiful and when did Piper and Paisley get so grown up? Look how long Piper's hair is. Oh boy, Mike better get a shotgun soon (lol). Such little beauties.

I think I have almost recovered from jet-lag. It has been kicking my tush...


Amy Lemaniak said...

Thanks so much for the shout out my dear! I had such a great time photographing them, they were adorable as ever and so easy to work with!!