01 September 2009

Recent projections in the world of adoptions estimate that families who logged in their dossier with China in the latter part of 2006 will wait until 2015 before receiving a referral.
I'm sorry, but at what point in the process do agencies start understanding that the NSN program in China is no longer a viable option. It appears to me that China has opened up it's domestic adoption program considerably and that Chinese people are finally allowed to adopt abandoned or orphaned children.
I think thats FANTASTIC!
So why do they still offer a non special needs program internationally? I don't know? I'm completely and utterly confused by the whole thing.
If you have a potential wait of NINE years don't sign up!
I have a huge amount of sorrow and compassion for people who signed up in 2006 and into early 2007 but in all honesty, I find it hard to believe that the adoption agencies, the State department and CHINA found it okay to accept dossiers beyond that point.
In some countries, they have prohibited concurrent adoptions if you are waiting to adopt from China. Would someone please tell me how this makes any sense?
China still has a long way to go in regards to accepting and adopting it's children with special needs, so until that day arrives I think it's vital we still embrace the waiting child program.
just my 2c today.


Jill said...

A freakin' MEN!

C'est moi said...

Woo....we began getting the adoption bug again and looked into the organization we had looked at before for China and they are saying 36 months from LID.....guess these agencies are not telling the truth....thank you Hayley and yes Amen!

Patricia/NYC said...

Uh-huh...& our agency told us this past March that we would "probably" get our referral in Oct. 2010...yeah...right...I didn't appreciate that ONE bit...no way is that happening...anyway...more on that & what our decision was in a future post on my blog...someday

Jonni said...

Well said my friend...