09 September 2009

you aint gettin no schoolin'
Welcome to my world..the world of not sending your child off to pre-K in a neatly pressed skirt with gleaming new backpack and shiny black shoes.

Welcome to my world...the world of having spine enough to reject a school that puts a major fast food corporation(albeit a play one) into a place of learning and labeling it a 'creative play area',and reasoning that "we want the children to have something 'familiar' from the community so they feel comfortable"

Welcome to my world...where my beautiful smart child doesn't have 'school' today.

Welcome to my world...where what feels like 100 calls to other schools have netted NADA

Welcome to my world...where we don't have $13000 for pre-k at one of the best private schools around (reggio emilia inspired at that!)

Welcome to my world, the world of 'waitlists' and $800 a month 'alternatives'...

welcome to my big fat stinkin crappy world

but hey, what's going on in your world?
p.s. I posted this drawing of Piper by the magnificent Maia Larkin because it makes me happy, it makes me see that even without pre-K Piper will shoot for the moon, and if she misses she will land among the stars.


Carrie said...

Sorry sweetie!

Anonymous said...

what about a good day care?

Snowflowers Mum said...

a good daycare for three 1/2 days(2.5-4 hours) pre k program runs $800+ a month x 9 months = $7200 a year...not doable.

Lost and Found said...

I saw screw them! Find out what programs your local YMCA has, the public library, etc. Often they're freebies, add a friend and do some homeschooling until you find something you really feel comfortable with.

Michele said...

The most important thing is that you stuck by your beliefs. This little glich will work out, hopefully fast, but don't feel bad for doing what you feel is best for your child.

Yoli said...

Why don't you save the money and homeschool her? At least for a year.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Awwwwww...I'm so glad it makes you happy.

And as for the rest - I feel ya, sista. We're close to being in the same boat.